In Part 1 of our Evolving as an Office Equipment Dealer blog series, we discussed how Sharp Business Systems successfully pivoted from one macro opportunity to another, despite the high innovation curve of those technology transformations. In this post, we'll dive deeper with a focus on security and how, according to Director of Marketing, Craig Hanson, Sharp learned how to successfully design and implement security solutions to fit each of their client's needs. 

The Need for Security

As an OEM, Sharp is uniquely positioned to define and deliver the future of managed IT services today. Cybercrime represents the single largest IT threat, and network security is top of mind for nearly all our customers.

The big question when considering a security solution that could serve as the cornerstone of Sharp's managed services portfolio was: What would it take to give them the competitive edge they need in the industry?

What To Look For In a Security Solution

What it comes down to when choosing a security tool is ensuring it's a logical extension of your offerings. Sharp uses Continuum Fortify because Continuum’s focus on cybersecurity aligns with Sharp's future vision, allowing them to offer an end-to-end integrated solution to confidently manage and proactively protect their client’s IT infrastructure.

Delivering the Protections Your Clients Demand

According to Craig Hanson, "You would not believe how many businesses believe they are fully protected, when in reality they are susceptible to modern hacking techniques. By discovering and protecting against vulnerabilities, our customers have gained peace of mind while avoiding the significant financial and reputational damage that comes with a cyberattack."

His advice for other MSPs? "Act as soon as possible to include security in their portfolio of offerings. Don’t wait until your clients are breached or have signed on with a competitor. Don’t go it alone; sign on with a best in class partner who can help you to manage through the transition. The financial opportunity outweighs any reservations you may have."
Listen here to learn more about how to design and implement the right security solution for your clients, and stay tuned for Part 3 of this Office Equipment success track series!