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Welcome to our new “Expect the Unexpected” video series! Our goal is to help you prepare for events that you cannot control, making sure you’re ready to protect your clients’ data at all times and provide business continuity, no matter what.

Our topic today is a sad reality: Natural disasters!

Devising a Disaster Recovery Plan

If your client is in an area of risk for natural disaster, one thing you can control, and even plan for it, is the safety of their data. And once the waters are calm, if you have a disaster recovery plan, you can quickly restore their environment and ensure business can continue as usual. Data protection and business continuity are part of the top 10 IT priorities for small and mid-sized businesses, so as a trusted advisor, it’s your role to understand the risks of the unexpected and plan for it.  

Watch the video above for some best practices to help you create and be able to execute on a disaster recovery plan. And stay tuned for Parts 2 and 3 of this series!

To learn more about how Continuum can play an important role in your DR plan, watch an on-demand demo of Continuum Recover here.