The saturation of cyber attacks in the news has created a heightened awareness among consumers—and since SMBs are now more conscious of their cyber risk than ever, it’s your responsibility as their managed IT service provider to understand how to navigate the modern threat landscape, evolve your security strategy to keep pace, and secure their business. This is also a prime opportunity to cement your status as your client’s trusted security partner. 

How to Explain Cyber Risk to Your Clients

Today, it’s essential that MSPs have a deep understanding of cyber risk as it pertains to IT environments and businesses—that way, you can effectively explain cyber risk to your clients.

Security needs to be advanced in proactive measures and efficient in reactive capabilities for risk levels to remain consistently acceptable. Your client should understand that there will always be some level of risk in today’s cyber landscape, but partnering with the right managed security services provider will substantially lower their risk level. You can work with your client to define what acceptable risk looks like for them, and determine what it will take to keep their risk at an acceptable level.

Watch the video above to get more tips and suggested talking points to effectively explain cyber risk to your clients! 

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