How do you explain to your SMB clients that their concept of cyber security is as relevant as yesterday’s breach news story? Would they believe you? Or worse, would they leave you? 

Think of your goals while considering theirs. Your eyes are on the prize; you’re emerging as a credible cyber security leader and expanding your managed services portfolio to include an advanced security offering. The managed security services market is projected to be worth $47.65 billion USD by 2023, after all.

Meanwhile, those SMBs that could benefit greatly from your security services typically assume that they’re already sufficiently protected from cyber threats with foundational tools. While they know that the modern security landscape—with threats advancing relentlessly—puts their businesses at risk, they have not yet bought into the urgency for a redefinition of cyber security in the context of their business future. Your client’s goal is to withstand cyber attacks and scale profitability—but they will not grasp that your managed security services are the bridge that can get them there unless that’s effectively conveyed.

What is it going to take to paint this picture, this reality, in a way that your clients will not only embrace but appreciate?

Explaining Cyber Security to Your Clients

We are happy to offer you your guide, our new eBook: Explaining Cyber Security to Your Clients. This eBook is built to help you educate your clients on cyber security and clearly position your stance and services so you can instill trust, enable scalability and build a long-term business relationship. You’ll receive key cyber security terms and definitions to share with your clients, communication tips to ensure you’re speaking to SMBs in the most effective ways possible, and objection handling guidelines you can use to embed modern cyber security and your services in every conversation.

Here’s an excerpt from Explaining Cyber Security to Your Clients that explains how to define acceptable risk with each client, helping them understand how they should be focusing on and managing security gaps.

Communication Type: Defining Acceptable Risk

Start by discussing “acceptable risk.” Your client should understand that there will always be some level of risk in today’s cyber landscape, but partnering with the right managed security services provider will substantially lower their risk level. You can work with your client to define what acceptable risk looks like for them, and determine what it will take to keep their risk at an acceptable level.


As an MSP—and an MSSP—it’s now your responsibility to understand how to navigate the threat landscape and guide your clients to success. This eBook will give you all the tools you need to ensure your security strategy is equipped to evolve and grow with this shifting space—and when it comes to your cyber security expertise, leadership and partnership, your clients will be hooked.


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