Explaining “IT” to Your Clients

When your profession is managing IT for your clients, you’re expected to know the ins and outs. You’re the expert, right? You’re the thought leader, the support system. But “IT” is a broad term.

Apart from your job title, how do you actually showcase your IT expertise to clients in a way that gets their buy-in, their trust, and their business long term? It’s all in the way you communicate.

Explaining IT Concepts

While you speak to a number of clients and prospects about their IT environment, not every one actually knows what something like “remote monitoring and management” means. You’re so used to using terms like RMM and BDR, but an uninformed client needs the broader idea of “continuously protecting their network” to sink in.

If you explain IT trends, technology, and best practices in a way they really understand and resonates with them, you’re truly doing your job: setting your client’s business up for success in this complex space. The client will continue to turn to you because they understand that your services continuously protect their IT environment—and that’s important.

The truth is, it’s not always that easy to come across as that IT leader your clients need. A lot of MSPs honestly aren’t sure where to start when it comes to creating smooth lines of communication with prospects and customers. While IT is your world, there are bound to be areas you’d admit you could brush up on. It can be extremely helpful to take a step back and revisit basic IT concepts. With a true foundational understanding of these core concepts, explaining them to your clients will become second nature.

Explaining Everything Else

To help you successfully navigate these conversations, we have created an upcoming video series, Explaining IT to Your Clients. Our videos will hone in on a number of IT topics in an effort to provide you as an MSP everything you need to effectively explain them to your clients. Below is a brief video explaining the series and what you can expect:

Stay tuned as we release our new ‘Explaining’ videos in the coming weeks! Up next is our Explaining Phishing to Your Clients episode, packed with key definitions, industry stats and specific talking points. Get excited to watch, share and deliver best-in-class IT knowledge and truly emerge as the pro you are.


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