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Your first few months with a new customer are critical—and developing the right onboarding strategy can be the difference between a satisfied customer or someone who’s wondering if they made the right investment.

Communication, support and training during this time will set the tone for a successful and rewarding relationship and help drive future opportunities for your client’s business. However, without a solid onboarding foundation, you risk confusing and even losing that new customer. Here are key suggestions and tips on how to successfully explain onboarding to your clients.

How to Succeed in Onboarding 

Onboarding is not as much about teaching customers to use your solutions as much as it’s about helping them be successful. 

Setting up clients for success in their onboarding can include having quarterly business reviews to ensure customers are satisfied. Next, you could share case studies of similar businesses who have found success, or even offer a complementary practice run to test their processes.                             

Successful onboarding ultimately requires a proactive approach. It’s important to proactively reach out to customers to ensure they’re properly using your products and solutions and deploying best practices.

Watch the video above to get more tips and suggested talking points on explaining onboarding to your clients! 

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