In nearly all cases, regardless of the source, patching is going to be the first line of defense against security threats today. Ensuring your clients know what patches are and why they are important will help them understand the risk they are exposing themselves to by not staying up-to-date.

It’s important to frame the patching conversation with clients around what patches are, why they are important, and why you need a dedicated maintenance window. Here are some suggested ways to successfully explain patching to your clients.

How to Explain Patching

You likely know their environment and which SaaS applications they are using. So, you can tie the conversation to one of those SaaS applications, or ones you use internally, to show how organizations are scheduling maintenance so that they can do similar patching exercises for their own systems. 

Based on the type of business your clients have, work with them to find a mutually suitable maintenance period when those machines will regularly be up and available for your team. Then, take a look at the tools you’re using to see if they’re getting the job done for you.

Watch the video above to get more tips and suggested talking points to effectively explain patching to your clients! 

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