Explaining Phishing to Your Clients

It’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and this week’s theme is all about security knowledge and education. Security education is key to keeping businesses and employees safe from cyber threats. In honor of this, our next video in our Explaining IT to Your Clients series will help you approach conversations with clients around one of the most pervasive threats facing their business: phishing. Tune in now to learn how to explain phishing to your clients and help keep them protected.

Why Phishing? 

A recent global survey over 400 C-suite execs showed that cyber security (at 43 percent) is the top operational challenge they face. This can be due to the fact that many employees have never received adequate security awareness training, if any at all. And what inevitably comes with a lack of cyber security education? The root of countless cyber attacks: human vulnerability.

Today, your SMB clients are hackers’ primary target, and many of them fall victim to social engineering attacks every day, namely phishing. According to a new survey report from Cyren and Osterman Research, 29 percent of SMB IT managers experienced a successful phishing attack in the past year, and more than half reported being the victim of at least one breach. 

The main purpose of a phishing attack can range from tricking the recipient into sharing personal or financial information, to clicking on a link that installs malware and infects the device. You’re surely familiar with phishing scams and aware of their prevalence, but would you say you’re a phishing expert? 

There are limitless opportunities to educate end users on the field of cyber security, phishing attacks and the various threats they need to be aware of.

In an effort to really seize those opportunities, you can step in as the cyber security leader that will offer the much needed education and support. This video offers key definitions, industry statistics, and talking points that will resonate with your end-clients. It’s a perfect way strengthen your knowledge of cyber security and phishing on an elementary level—which you can then continue to build upon as you emerge as the pro you’re now required to be. Your clients will appreciate your advice, guidance and expertise as they navigate modern cyber security and learn how to avoid phishing attacks.


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