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Explaining "Your Security Value Proposition" to Your Clients [VIDEO]

Posted January 14, 2019by Meaghan Moraes


As a growth-oriented MSP emerging as a cyber security leader, it’s crucial that you know your security value proposition like the back of your hand. More specifically, you need to be able to effectively articulate your security value prop to your clients and prospects.

Since your SMB client-base is now the primary target of cyber attacks, they require the utmost protection with advanced tools and protocols. And, that’s exactly what they rely on you for—in fact, that may assume that their level of cyber security has been “good enough” for years.

Understanding and Articulating Your Security Value Prop

The only way to effectively explain the state of the current landscape—and how your security services are evolving to remain one step ahead of advancing threats—is to perfect your security value prop. With the right positioning and messaging, you’ll be able to handle objections, instill trust and ultimately sell more security.

The Managed Security Service Market is projected to be worth $47.65 billion USD by 2023, and now is the time for MSPs to capitalize on this opportunity for their business as well as their customers’. Watch the video above to learn how to map out your ideal market, media and message, and explain to your clients why you’re the best security partner out there.

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Meaghan Moraes is Continuum's Blog & Social Media Manager, managing the MSPblog and Continuum's social platforms. With several years of inbound and content marketing, B2B tech marketing and corporate social media management experience, Meaghan specializes in engaging and nurturing audiences with strategic and creative digital content. In her spare time, she enjoys writing poetry, playing the piano, boxing, and exploring Boston’s best restaurants.

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