Last year I decided to buy snow tires for my wife’s car. I suggested she call a shop and make an appointment, but instead, she came back to me with a menu of options—speed ratings, noise ratings, treadwear comparisons and a variety of prices. It was a lot to take in, and I quickly realized that what I thought would be a two-minute process might actually take longer to understand than I’d anticipated. It was only September, so I told her I’d take some time to mull it over before calling back. Then life happened: kids’ hockey games, work, projects around the house, and before I knew it, we were opening Christmas presents and I still hadn’t taken a look at these tires. So at that point, I decided I might as well wait until next year.

It made me realize that selling tires seems really hard. I’d like to think there are probably other people like me out there. The idea of new snow tires sounds like a good thought, and without them I am 100% sure there will be a day we’ll driving to go skiing and I’ll regret it—but in my day-to-day life it’s easy for it to get buried under other priorities. What does this mean for the tire salesman? He better strike while the iron is hot. Now this year I did buy snow tires, but only because there was a sale—the only thing that ended up getting me to act was a reduced price, and reduced revenue for the vendor. The whole thing made me realize that selling tires is hard! And it also seemed reminiscent of selling security to small businesses


What's Your Approach to Selling Security?

Selling security is hard. Like snow tires, people know they want it, but it easily drops on the priority list. When working with MSPs, I see this issue firsthand all the time. MSPs struggle when it comes to figuring out how to get their clients to spend on security and how to monetize this major opportunity. A lot of MSPs resort to the same move as the tire salesman: reduce the price, reduce their margins and win the business through price reductions. This made me think, How do companies deal with this? From there, I started thinking about brake pad companies.

A few months ago, I was driving to work and heard my brakes squeaking, the noise getting increasing louder. This is a common sound to many of us. Brake pads have a piece of metal that becomes exposed at a certain level to make the driver aware that the pads need to be changed. Immediately, I went to mechanic and had my brakes changed. No analysis, no price shopping, no delay. I actually bought the brakes BEFORE I got my wife her snow tires that I identified a need for a year earlier! Why? Because brake companies have changed their selling motion. They have put in place a tool that immediately drives action, that gets a buyer to know they need something now, and turns the conversation away from detailed metrics and conversation and, instead, solves the problem at hand. This sparked the realization that this is what MSPs need for security—MSPs need that little part in the brakes that makes noise.


A New Solution to Meet Clients' Security Needs

This has been a focus for Continuum Fortify for several months. We have been working with our partners to understand what are those drivers for action, what will resonate with clients to help them drive action and help MSPs successfully launch and grow their security business. This is our motivation for the new Fortify for Assessment products being released this month. Fortify for Assessment suite enables MSPs to create this urgency to act, and they have all the required tools to execute on that demand once created. This all starts with Fortify for Assessment, a first-of-its-kind tool that looks at a client environment and provides a clear and actionable view of their current risks in a way the client can easily consume.Fortify for Assessment provides insight into endpoints, users, and dark web state, and provides an immediate comparison to other small businesses to clearly understand where they stand. Fortify for Assessment essentially provides MSPs that squeaking brake noise for security. It ensures that MSPs can then quickly act on that demand, with NFR (Not for Resale) licenses and discounted advanced tools, marketing collateral and ongoing dark web monitoring. For MSPs who want to amplify that brake noise and put in place other warning signs, Fortify for Assessment Plus builds on the Fortify for Assessment product and includes additional indicators of risk, providing alerting of active attacks on endpoints and firewalls as well as access to incident response specialists, in the case that a security event does occur.

The Fortify for Assessment products are focused on allowing MSPs to change their approach to security with their clients, to allow them to shift from “selling tires to selling brakes,” enabling MSPs to start and/or grow their security business.