Ah, summer… the season of relaxing at the beach, listening to the waves, and maybe building a sandcastle or two. Sounds peaceful, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, that type of vacation doesn’t happen so easily for those working in IT. If you’re constantly having to solve tickets and finish project work on your own, you’re missing out on the best season of the year!

While some IT technicians are spending their precious summer stuck in server rooms, others are at the beach soaking in the sun and filling up buckets of sand. Speaking of buckets… this brings me to the next item to check off your MSP Summer BuckIT List: look for a managed IT services platform that lets you offload custom project work! Summer only happens once a year, so make the most of it by setting yourself free from your tedious IT tasks. Check out the awesome things you could be doing this summer in the infographic below!




Looking for a solution to free-up your summer? Using a program like Continuum Tech Advantage allows you to expand the scope of your services and the volume of projects being delivered to your clients, so you can give your IT technicians their well-earned summer vacation.


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