Are your technicians on call around the clock, working nights, weekends and holidays? Are they forced to field tickets that are a waste of their valuable time and talents? You know which ones I'm talking about: password resets, new user set-ups and even the occasional printer troubleshoot. Fortunately, our partners don't have to sweat these low value, time-consuming tasks. With Level 1 and 2 support available during business hours, after hours, or with 24x7 coverage, our U.S.-based Help Desk and its 190+ certified technicians absorb all of these demands. 

But just what kind of requests have they freed our MSP partners from having to handle in-house? We asked a few of our Help Desk technicians to recount some of their more memorable client tickets for your reading pleasure. Here are 5 tedious and mundane tasks our Help Desk took off partners' hands last month:


1. Uninstalled a Program in Another Language

"We had a user who needed to remove a Chinese keyboard from their computer. Instead of English characters, only Chinese ones would display when they tried to type. And because the uninstall package was entirely in Chinese, and therefore indecipherable, we were asked to uninstall it on the MSP's behalf. After receiving the controls to remotely access the user's computer, I found that the "add and remove programs" function of the application, itself, was in Chinese and crafted in such a way that the user would not have been able to translate the text from the uninstaller through Google. It took a little troubleshooting, but I was able to draw upon my years of experience to uninstall the program. Had the MSP not been leveraging our Help Desk services, they would have had to waste time and energy working through the issue. Instead, we took care of it for them!" ~Daniel Hill ~

2. Resolved a Printing Issue

"I received an email request when a hung print queue on the user's server stalled production. I was able to resolve the issue within a timely manner, delighting the client without having to involve their MSP. This is a great example of what I like to call “the magic behind the curtain.” We work in the background to help make the MSP appear larger and meet or exceed client satisfaction!" ~Lee Garasich~

3. Connected a New Machine to the Company Network

"One user called in with a new machine and a lack of confidence in her IT skillset. She needed to use the new device for remote work and was nervous that she wouldn't be able to connect to the network or would run into other issues. Not only did I reassure her that her new machine was set up correctly by running tests over the phone, but I also walked the client through the whole process, answering all of her questions and ensuring she hung up with peace of mind knowing that we had her covered."
~Lee Garasich~

4. Removed/Exterminated Scanner Bugs 

"I had a user in Hawaii who had an infestation of ants under the glass of his HP OfficeJet printer/scanner, which was stationed right next to his office window overlooking the beach. He wanted to open it up to vacuum them out, but I had to advise the gentleman that, in doing so, there'd be no guarantee that the scanner portion would work appropriately with it caked in sand that the ants carried in." ~Cody Norco~

5. Reset A User's Computer to Connect to the Company's New Server

"I was working with a lady who had been out of the office for a few months for maternity leave. When she got back, she found all her network drives with shared company documents were missing. Eventually, we determined that she had been away while the company moved from an old server to a new one, so her computer was still looking for the shared documents on the old server. I contacted her local support company, just to verify that the old server had been retired. The MSP confirmed that it had, and initially thought that they would have to handle resetting her computer to connect to the new server. Instead, I let them know we could remove the PC from the old domain and join it to the new one. The MSP seemed pleasantly surprised that we could take care of this for them, since it can be a time-consuming task." ~Jason Feldstein~


Are your internal operations bogged down by an influx of requests from clients who require 24x7x365 IT coverage? You know you can't grow capacity without straining existing resources or adding headcount. And that's just one side effect of solely managing service delivery inhouse. High technician turnover, slower issue resolution and high, unpredictable costs are all others. Let our domestic Help Desk serve as an extension of your staff! The above accounts are only a handful of the support you can offload to our trusted, certified team, a force that works behind the scenes to maximize customer satisfaction and help you build stronger client relationships. Now, it's possible to meet client expectations and deliver superior service without stretching yourself thin.

If you're looking to scale resources, support more technologies, add capacity for your managed IT services business and obtain higher account retention rates, the solution is simple. 
Learn more about Continuum's Help Desk here! 

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