Gobble, gobble! Thanksgiving, a national holiday, a day that’s celebrated for giving thanks, is only a week away. Can you believe it? Back in the 1620s, the Pilgrims embarked on their voyage overseas. They endured harsh conditions, had to turn around twice, but after 66 days at sea, the Pilgrims finally arrived at Cape Cod. Journeys take time and hard work, but reaching a common end goal is more than gratifying. Here at Continuum, we always try to help our partners overcome some of the major IT challenges out there. The sky is the limit.

One challenge we took on this year was creating an online community to serve as a useful resource for all members. We knew our partners wanted a private domain to house all product and industry related questions, ideas, comments and concerns. And thus, after a few months of hard work and dedication, Collaborate: A Continuum Community, came to be.

Collaborate Members Settling In

Our online community is designed to be a “collaborative” hub for our partners. We wanted to give thanks to everyone who has taken the time to contribute in any way, whether that is asking or answering a question, posting informative content or even just liking a post, every contribution counts!

Collaborate is growing at a rapid rate and so are the discussions. We are so thankful to see that our partners have been building our community day by day, post by post. Already, you're recognizing how to leverage online communities to grow your businesses!

Just like the colonies formed, so has Collaborate. If you have not joined our new online partner community already, please follow the steps below. The door to Collaborate is always open!

ITSupport portal > Resources tab > Community 

Why join? Powered by Get Satisfaction, Collaborate allows users to tag any conversation as a question, idea, praise, or problem. Having trouble recruiting high-value IT technicians? Have a new product feature request? Get real-time answers to real managed IT services matters! With categories ranging from our specific solutions to business best practices to partner resources, there's something for every one!

Keep up the good work MSPs, and keep on Collaborating!

Existing Collaborate members, don't miss one minute of the action!

Introducing Collaborate a Continuum Community