Google has created a new tool to test applications for security vulnerabilities. Thanks Google! And 2015 looks like a good year for MSPs as IT spending is expecting to increase. Thanks for checking back on another action-packed edition of IT Rewind!


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Google Releases Nogotofail Tool to Test Network Security

Threat Post, @threatpost, Dennis Fisher, @DennisF

Forecast 2015: IT Spending on an Upswing

ComputerWorld, @Computerworld, Stacy Collett, @StacyTC

The Anatomy of a Successful Business Acquisition: MSPradio Episode 29

MSP Blog, @FollowContinuum, Nate Teplow, @nteplow 

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Continuum Coach's Corner Episode 1: KPIs You Should Be Tracking


Alright, bring it in. We're kicking off the managed IT services season with Continuum Coach's Corner, a new educational video series designed to teach MSPs the business strategies and best practices needed to succeed in the ever-changing IT world. Huddle up with host, Coach Raymond Vrabel, Director of Technical Account Management at Continuum, as he maps out play-by-plays to increase your revenue and profitability. In this first episode, Coach Ray walks through key performance indicators (KPIs) you should be tracking. 

In today’s increasingly data-driven business landscape, everything is measurable. Businesses with a strong analytics program in place have a competitive advantage over those that do not because they are able to monitor what does and doesn't work and make adjustments to plays as necessary. So what are you waiting for?? Watch our whiteboard walkthrough to stay ahead of the competition, determine your KPIs and plan out the next steps to take to grow your MSP business! Read more »

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What Else Is New in the IT Channel?

Now that you've seen our top picks for this week, here are some more stories that made headlines. Have a suggestion for a story that we should cover next week? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting @FollowContinuum or @BenDBarker!

Apple alert:

         Apple Was Warned about WireLurker Months Ago, Georgia Tech Researcher Says
         Network World, @NetworkWorld, Tim Greene, @Tim_Greene 

Free office:

        Microsoft Reveals Plan to Offer Free Office Apps for iPads, iPhones, and Android Tablets
        CRN, @CRN, Kevin McLaughlin

Ten tech tips:

         10 Things in Tech You Need to Know Today
         Business Insider, @businessinsider, James Cook, @JamesLiamCook

Security priority: 

         State CIOs List Security as Top Priority for 2015
         CIO, @CIOonline, Kenneth Corbin, @kecorb

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