A Hacktivist group is claiming to have compromised hundreds of websites and is publishing the compromised data. Meanwhile, Internet cables in California are being severed, leading to Internet outages for both residents and businesses. We cover these stories and more on IT Rewind! Just click play!

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Hacktivist Group Possibly Compromised Hundreds of Websites

PCWorld, @pcworld, Lucian Constantin, @lconstantin

Someone Is Breaking Into Underground Vaults in California to Sever Major Internet Cables

Business Insider, @businessinsider, Nathan McAlone, @nmcalone


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Amazon to the rescue:

         Amazon Releases Open Source Cryptographic Module
         InfoWorld@infoworld, Joab Jackson, @Joab_Jackson

VPN users beware:

        VPN Users, Beware: You May Not Be as Safe as You Think You Are
        Network World, @NetworkWorld, Katherine Noyes, @noyesk

Sneaky Samsung:

         Advanced Phishing Scam Targets CEOs, CFOs for Phony Cash Transfers
         eWeek, @eWEEKNews, Wayne Rash, @wrash



Hey everyone and welcome back to our beautiful Boston studio for another episode of IT Rewind. Lets get after it.

A hacktivist group called “Team GhostShell has published data from hundreds of websites and it’s claiming to have obtained that data by hacking the sites. The data being released is sensitive and the group has previously been tied to hacks of government organizations, including law enforcement agencies. This apparent series of hacks comes after the group stated that it was halting its activities back in March of 2013. So far, the group has released the names of 450 websites, which it has claimed to have hacked, but warns that many more sites have been compromised. A Tweet published by the group would suggest that the goal of the hacks is to highlight how weak cybersecurity truly is.

The FBI is currently investigating a series of break-ins to underground vaults in California. The trespassers are severing Internet cables and causing major disturbances to business and residents. There have been at least 11 incidents like this and they’re occurring in concealed locations that don’t have security cameras. It’s not known at this time what the motive for such attacks could be, but you can imagine the frustration and possibly devastating consequences for businesses in the area that are having to go without internet access for extended periods of time. 

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