The FBI and DOJ want tech companies to retain encrypted information of their clients instead of providing end-to-end encryption. A new Android malware masquerades as a Nintendo game emulator and is tricking users into paying for the harmful application. We cover these stories and more on IT Rewind! Just click play!

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FBI, DOJ Want Companies to Back off End-To-End Encryption

InfoWorld, @infoworld, Grant Gross, @GrantGross

Android Malware Masquerades as a Nintendo Game Emulator You Have to Pay For

PCWorld, @pcworld, Jeremy Kirk, @Jeremy_Kirk


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Hello and welcome back for another edition of IT Rewind! Now, I know what you’re thinking… Where is our handsome host? Well, we felt like he needed an episode off after you all decided to make a meme out of him last week (show meme). So, I’m Mary McCoy and I’ll be filling in this week with all of the latest news from the world of IT. Lets do this thing.

The FBI and Department of Justice are asking that U.S. tech companies retain access to encrypted information of their customers. The reason for the request is so that law enforcement officials will be able to access the information to investigate crimes and terrorist activity. Retaining access to encrypted customer information would mean that tech companies should no longer provide end-to-end encryption. It has been made clear that these organizations are not looking for encryption back doors that give them direct access to information, but rather that the tech companies themselves retain internal access so that they can comply with court-ordered search warrants

The latest form of Android malware is tricking users into paying for the data-stealing application. The malware, which is being called “Gunpoder” is disguised as a Nintendo emulator and charging unsuspecting users to download the harmful application. Gunpoder is capable of a variety of actions including collecting bookmarks and browser histories, spreading itself via SMS and showing fraudulent advertisements. So, next time you get a hankering to play Mario, you might want to take extra caution that you’re not putting your device at risk.

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