A vulnerability in Windows systems may have had you at risk for over a decade. Find out why. And the Senate is having discussions on internet security. These stories and much more on this episode of IT Rewind!

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Critical Vulnerability in Group Policy Puts Windows Computers at Risk

Computer World, @Computerworld, Lucian Constantin, @lconstantin

Senators Ponder Internet of Things Security in First Hearing

eWeek, @eWEEKNews, Wayne Rash, @wrash


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Hackers on the go:

         More Connected Cars May Mean More Hacked Cars
         CNBC@CNBC, Cadie Thompson, @CadieThompson

Protect your email:

        5 Ways to Protect Your Business Email from Cybercriminal Attacks
        CMIT Solutions, @cmitsolutions, Nick McGregor

Leaked Windows 10 images:

         Cyber-Attacks Rising in Utah, Likely Due to NSA Facility
         Associated Press, @AP, Brady McCombs, @BradyMcCombs



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Microsoft recently patched a critical vulnerability that may have had users at risk for more than a decade. The issue was one of fundamental design in Group Policy and was first reported to Microsoft in January of 2014. A simple look at the calendar will show you that flaw took more than a year to patch. Exploitation allows hackers to install programs, change data, and create new accounts. With its latest update, Microsoft added a new Universal Naming Convention Hardened Access in order to prevent attackers from spoofing the domain controller of targeted computers.

United States Senators have security on their minds. The Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation recently held a hearing during which time legislation on Internet security was discussed. The concerns of the senators ranged from personal information being leaked to security risks in the form of terrorist attacks. One of the main discussions surrounded the background distribution of private data and the risks that this can create.

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