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Outsourcing Your Help Desk Requirements: MSPtv Episode 20

Posted May 30, 2014by Scott Glidden



In this week's episode of MSPtv, we sit down with Bryan Sullo, owner of Clocktower Technology Services, and talk with him about his company's switch to Continuum's Help Desk offering and the successes he has experienced. We also talk a little bit about the growing concept of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and its Pros and Cons with using it. 


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     Episode Outline:  

  • [0:22] - BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) 
    • By 2018, 70% of professional employees will be doing all or some of their work on personal devices
    • Pros and Cons of BYOD
    • [1:49] - Maintaining a wall between Corporate and Personal concerns
      • Corporate: Employees setting up personal Dropbox or Gmail accounts creates a concern for corporate data security
      • Personal: Financial information, passwords, other family businesses
  • [3:44] - Continuum help desk 
    • Outsourcing help desk requirements vs. keeping them in-house
      • Many MSPs do not have the resources to keep them in-house
      • Draws attention away from MSP core competencies
        • Most MSPs are paid for the project work (i.e. engineering, higher end tasks)
      • Calls come in sporadically. Proper staffing becomes impossible for the MSP
    • [5:58] - help desk Technical Experience
      • Direct and immediate help to the customer
      • Quickly and smoothly escalates issues to another level if unresolved
      • Technicians answer calls as your MSP
    • [7:29] - General client response to the Help Desk
      • Unsolicited compliments about Help Desk Technicians
    • [8:15] - Providing documentation about your MSP demonstrates big outcomes on both sides
      • Gives the Help Desk Technician everything they need to solve the client's issue
      • Helps the MSP's engineers with information they need
    • [10:15] - help desk gives a resolution rate of over 90%
      • Creates a great return for the MSP
    • [11:24] - How outsourcing affects your business
      • Allows your business to grow
        • Go after larger, more complex customers
        • Focus on core competencies
        • Hire the right people for the right roles

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