How Do Businesses Stand a Chance Against Today’s Cyber Security Landscape?

Ah security. We constantly hear and talk about it, yet it continues to be the piece of the puzzle that so many companies struggle with. It’s such a major issue, in fact, that the entire month of October has been named National Cyber Security Awareness Month—and this week, we’re focusing on the importance of securing critical infrastructure from cyber threats. However, many businesses fail to do so without the help of an MSP.

There’s a clear need for more advanced cyber security in the SMB market—a topic that was covered on a recent episode of MSP Radio. Hosts Brandon and Joe were joined by Al Silva, CEO of Murphy, McKay & Associates, where he shared his perspective on why today’s businesses need better security and how you as an MSP can approach those conversations. Keep reading for the highlights of this episode.

The Secret to Security

Securing a business requires implementation of the right solution, tools, talent, etc., but there’s one element that needs no installation: end-user education. Al believes that education is key to both fortifying a business’ security posture and winning over deals:

“I’m happy that—from a news outlet standpoint—it’s been a little quiet recently with the security threats out there. I haven’t heard any big news stories, and what’s great about that is now we get to educate people without ensuing panic. What will happen is, when the next security threat hits the mainstream media, clients will remember that you’ve been talking to them about these threats all along—showing that you’re not reactive, you’ve been proactive.”

How Important Is Security Today? 

If you think about it, managed security is very different from the regular services that MSPs are used to delivering—both from a technical and service delivery perspective, as well as a customer management and relationship perspective. Today, clients look to MSPs to provide them with not only the advanced security toolset, but also the education and best practices that come with it.

Here’s what Al has to say about the state of the union as it relates to cyber security and how you can best position yourself:

“Looking over the past few years, I don’t think I personally took stock of how important it is for an MSP to think about security in terms of their clients, until I came to the realization that our clients expect us to know everything about security, and it’s really up to us to understand the landscape better than the traditional antivirus or firewall. If we can’t bring the talent in-house, then we have to partner with someone that has that skillset so we can really help our clients deal with security for their own organization... I would say in a few years, you’re not going to be able to attract new employees if you don’t have a good security program. The world is going to change in how they view security over the next few years because again, if you’re not securing yourself, you’re putting client data at risk.”


Want to hear more advice from Al and the MSP Radio team? Take a listen to the full episode here: