How Do You Market, Call and Set an MSP Sales Meeting?

If you want to accelerate sales and grow your MSP business, you can’t rely on leads coming to you and ringing your phones off the hook. You need to develop the relationship, ease them down the sales funnel and arrange a time to meet with well-suited prospects. However, it can be tough for MSPs to get your foot in the door and actually set this date.

Keep reading to discover tips on how to request onsite visits, what to cover during these appointments, and how to effectively follow-up to move the sale forward.

Why Most MSPs Never Get a First Appointment

Typically, MSPs come across two main reasons why prospects won't buy or move forward with the sales process. Think you can guess them?

I'll give you the first one: you are confusing them to no end, leaving them feeling overwhelmed. Most MSPs have a tendency of discussing too much too soon, with too much information or jargon. Do you offer proactive server monitoring, help desk customer support and cyber security services? If so, that’s fantastic, but you’ll want to focus on just one of these services on your initial call. Ease your prospects into the buying process. We like to call this the “keep it simple” strategy, where preliminary phone calls are meant for communicating the business value your solutions will bring clients—you can get into the tech specs later.

As I’m sure you could guess, the second reason revolves around timing and/or cost. You may hear something like, “it’s not the right time for us,” or “it’s not in the budget right now.” These objections require you to do a bit more digging into the prospects cares and business concerns, so you can supply them with the right message and convince them to meet with you. Here are some helpful tips on how you can gather the right information to inform your sales pitch.

Two Steps to Landing an Initial Sales Meeting

1. Education and Awareness

Education and awareness are great ways to build up your thought-leadership influence and network. And, when you consider that all IT is local, you want to build as many connections as possible in your community. Many MSPs find success with this through peer groups. By getting in front of key local groups like community nonprofit boards, referral groups, or IT schools, you’ll position your business as a subject matter expert in your field and become top of mind for these prospects.

2. Marketing

Once you educate these prospects on your expertise, how do you keep them from forgetting about you? The answer lies in steady and simplified marketing efforts. This can involve frequent follow-ups via email, or even leveraging social networking for prospecting and referral research.


How to Ask for the Meeting 

As prospects get to know you and your business, they will have questions. Therefore, it’s crucial that you anticipate which common questions prospects will ask and how to respond. But what else should you arm yourself with to drive them towards a sales meeting?

A script of your own. Know the main questions you'll ask in return and your follow-up inquiries when a prospect responds with an answer that may discourage the sale. At this stage, it’s all about establishing trust. You don't want to go in assuming you’re the right fit. You need to diagnose what the company's main IT weaknesses are so that you can best position your services as the solution. Then, request a meeting so you can walk them through how you can solve their specific problems.


Looking for more advice on how to book your first MSP meeting? Watch our on-demand webinar below:

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