How Managed Power Eliminates the Power Trip and Enables Efficiency for MSPs

For MSPs to be successful and as profitable as possible, getting the most efficiency from their time is a necessity. From networking, to remote monitoring, to professional services automation, to business continuity and disaster recovery, the more intuitive and time-saving their products are, the better.

Picture This

Your client calls you because an electronic device is unresponsive or they are having issues with it. In many cases, your first troubleshooting tactic is to reboot the device.

One option is to walk your client through the process over the phone and have them reboot. But when you do this, you are asking your client to do your job. And, you are telling them that the managed service fee they pay you isn’t really worth it. If the client can reboot a device and fix the problem, then why do they need you? Even worse, you trained your customer to just unplug things rather than call you and create a ticket.

The second option is the dreaded ‘power trip’. That's what we call it when you get in your car, head to your client's site, walk into their server room, and pull the plug on that non-responsive device. Sure, once the device reboots, things usually go back to working just fine. But you had to get in your car and waste time that isn’t billable or productive.

Both of these options are far from an ideal customer service experience and are a waste of valuable time and resources for you and your client. The need to service a non-responsive electronic device by going on site can be a significant pain point for MSPs. In addition to the headache, both options above will likely result in extended periods of downtime where your client is unable to resume typical business functions. That can have devastating effects on your client such as lost revenue and more.

Solving the ‘Power Trip’

In many situations, power-cycling devices is the fastest way to restore connectivity and reduce client downtime. Rebooting a device such as a cable or DSL modem often fixes the problem, and no further troubleshooting is required. And for those higher-end devices that require additional troubleshooting to determine the root problem for the outage, a simple reboot can often restore connectivity and free you up to troubleshoot the problem on your own time.

At Datto, we are obsessed with solving problems for MSPs. It’s built in to our corporate culture. And it’s real. Whether it’s MarketNow, the free marketing automation tool that we provide so our partners can generate leads, or our 24/7/365 direct to tech support, our entire business is centered around the MSP channel. That’s especially true of our products. Our entire product portfolio is built around reinventing technology to serve our MSP partners.

With Datto Managed Power, any MSP can remotely control the power of any device, from the comfort and convenience of the office. We even included a ping-check feature that enables automatic rebooting when devices become unresponsive! You can avoid the dreaded power trip and instantly check the status of any connected device and reboot if necessary. Datto Managed Power is 100% cloud managed, enables connectivity to the Internet with Ethernet AND WiFi, has incredible surge protection capabilities and even has a USB-A and USB-C charging port. And the best part? The MP60, our first managed power device, ships with a lifetime warranty with auto-replacement of the device if and when surge protection becomes depleted. You don’t have to do anything. We just ship out a new device. And swapping out the replaced device is incredibly simple with the Datto Networking mobile app. Just scan the barcode and you’re done.

Datto Managed Power was born in the cloud, and is managed in the same Partner Portal as every other Datto product. All configurations are stored in and backed up to the cloud, meaning you won’t lose any of your configuration settings in the event of a sudden power loss or unexpected outage. MSPs can set up the configuration before physically installing the device, enabling the ability to drop-ship directly to the client site. When this happens, the device will simply pull its configuration from the cloud once it is connected. This product was purpose built for the MSP, and helps Datto partners keep their clients electronic devices up and running. 

Datto Networking is reinventing how MSPs do networking. If you want to learn more about Datto Managed Power, check out our website at:


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