Mobility is a necessary part of the modern workplace. Mobile devices improve business efficiency and productivity, but they also have the ability to expose and compromise company data. If your client’s endpoints aren’t being protected by a solution like Mobile Device Management (MDM), vulnerabilities have a higher likelihood of being successfully exploited. To determine if clients and prospects are ready to invest in your MDM solution, ask them this: are you fully protected against today’s endpoint security threats?

As an MSP, you need to provide your clients with the tools to effectively and securely manage their devices – and an MDM solution can do just that. So how can you convince clients and prospects of the need to manage and protect their mobile devices? To help you get started, we've pulled data from Ponemon Institute’s 2016 State of Endpoint Security Report.

See the chart below:


When using this chart in your next MSP sales presentation, leverage these talking points to convince decision makers of the immediate need for mobile device management: 

  • Facing an endpoint security risk isn’t a matter of if – it’s a matter of when. An alarming 81 percent of respondents claim that negligent employees are the top risk to endpoint security. This goes to show that although you may already have security policies in place, there’s no guarantee that your employees will properly follow them. Unfortunately, people can be careless – even in the workplace – which is why you need us to implement a solution that keeps all your endpoints secure. Let’s say that your employee opens an email on their mobile device containing a spreadsheet with confidential budget information, and then they decided to check up on their fantasy football team. If they carelessly click on a phishing attack linked to that fantasy football site, your sensitive company data could be put at serious risk. With an MDM solution, you’ll be able to monitor all the endpoints that enter your workplace and control any access points – minimizing the risk of security threats.

  • The line between personal and professional data is now blurred due to the increasing amount of mobile devices that have fully entered the workplace. The more devices you have accessing your data, the more entry points you create for potential threats. Although trends like BYOD allow for increased accessibility and productivity, there are certain associated risks that need to be mitigated. Let's say all of your employees use their own personal devices to access company data. What would happen if one of them misplaced their device outside of the office? All of that information would be ripe for the taking. With an MDM solution, however, you’ll have the ability to completely wipe that device clean and eliminate the risk of a data breach. MDM allows you to keep work and play separate, and ensures that all your endpoints are protected against security threats.  

  • Malware is becoming smarter and more difficult to detect, which means that you’re that much more vulnerable to security threats. Today, malware writers are targeting high-volume sites to get the maximum amount of impact. You may have even seen this with mobile apps, such as Pokémon GO. 56 percent of respondents agree that endpoint security threats are becoming stealthier, which means that there’s a greater need to keep endpoints protected. With an MDM solution, you can secure access points that may be left vulnerable to cyber attacks, while also regulating company-wide data access across endpoints. 

  • Letting unmanaged and insecure mobile devices roam free throughout the workplace can make these endpoints susceptible to security threats, such as malware or a potential data breach. As long as there’s a desire for mobile devices in the workplace, there’s a need for MDM as well. Your employees may not even be aware that they’re bringing unsafe mobile devices into the workplace, but with MDM, you’ll never have to worry about their personal devices compromising your company data.

When selling the value of your MDM solution, stress that it provides your clients with peace of mind. They won't have to second-guess their mobile security or worry about any of the various cyber threats that are growing in sophistication and popularity. Instead, they can enjoy the many benefits that BYOD and increased mobility have to offer, all while you keep a watchful eye over their mobile environments to ensure they stay protected.


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