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5 Ways to Improve Your MSP Service Level Agreement (SLA)

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5 Ways to Improve Your MSP Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

SLAs are the foundation of your MSP business. They are essential to building strong client relationships and must be clear, reasonable and well-constructed.

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How to Connect with New Tech Leads and Customers on LinkedIn

Posted December 15, 2017by Benjamin Brier


Selling IT services can be challenging—especially because the space is noisy and complex. From products to SaaS-based solutions to channel partners to VARs, today’s buyer is constantly bombarded with “the best” offer. But your IT services are the best, right? And your audience needs to know!

So, where do you go? What can you say to attract them to your business? Whatever you do, you have to do it differently and authentically in order to get customers on the phone. If you’re looking for a platform designed for making personal connections and selling socially, it’s time to leverage LinkedIn to grow your prospect list and business.

MSP marketing has evolved. Here’s a walkthrough of how to effectively use LinkedIn as a sales tool and get through to the right people with the right delivery.

Working at LinkedIn and managing over 60 customers in our business line for sales people (aka LinkedIn Sales Navigator), I talk to a lot of sales leaders, a lot of sales teams, and a LOT of people selling into the IT suite. So, is it any surprise that the number one pain point I hear from my clients is: “Ben, I can’t get them to call me back.” Um, yeah. Get in line.

The simple reality is that these days, whether you’re selling managed services or office supplies, your buyer is on LinkedIn. If we know they are there, the question then becomes: how do you differentiate yourself to cut through the noise and the cluttered inbox?

Getting Personal

The best sales people I have the privilege of speaking with (sales development reps, account executives, account managers) summarize the key to connection in one word: personalization. Now more than ever, information and homework on your buyer is paramount. How do you create that connection that makes them need to call you back? And, for anyone in the managed services space, I have news: your competition is even fiercer and your target is even busier.

Helpful Hacks

Whether you’re managing channel partners or selling direct, here are a few best practices for “doing your homework” on your prospects on LinkedIn. Ask yourself:

  1. How are you already connected to this company? Check if you have common LinkedIn connections. Is the prospect connected to your current or past customers? Do they know your CEO, members of the board or investors? Do they have past work experience at one of your existing flagship companies? Connect the dots to open up the conversation.
  2. Has this individual posted or published anything on LinkedIn or the company website that ties to a problem you solve? Read through the company’s blog posts, marketing collateral or press releases to better understand key pain points you can solve as an MSP. Then, when you reach out, you’ll be able to better position yourself as the exact solution to their pain points.
  3. Is there any news about the company that is a timely trigger to reach out today? Has the organization been recently mentioned in the news? Was the CEO quoted? Maybe they recently launched a new line of business or raised a round of funding. Being in the know will allow you to leverage relevant information and effectively connect.

After doing a little digging, you can leverage this information in your LinkedIn messages to prospects, leading with a point of familiarity to make that initial personal connection and start building a trusting relationship.

The main goal here: Show you have done your homework, and you’re reaching out because of something timely and relevant to them. The IT suite is tough and busy, but with a thoughtful, personal approach, you’ll see the best results.


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As a Relationship Manager for LinkedIn, the world's largest professional network with hundreds of millions of members, and growing, Benjamin focuses on helping sales leaders, sales teams, and individuals establish their professional network and brand through social selling best practices.

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