If you’re going to maintain a steady flow of monthly recurring revenue, you need to build long-lasting business relationships with your customers. Great customer service is key to making this happen, yet many IT service providers struggle in this area. So, how can you take your customer service from just average to word-class?

I recently sat down with Phil Holbrook, Help Desk Technician at Continuum and winner of HDI Steel City's Desktop Support Technician of the Year award, which is given only to those who have gone above and beyond for their company and for their customers. We discussed the importance of customer service and the strategies IT service providers can put into practice to enhance their own customer service levels. Keep reading to discover Phil’s top tips for customer service success!

Q: What is your secret to success for providing outstanding customer service?

A: When working with a customer, my primary focus is reassurance that we will find a solution to their issue, while being the least invasive to their work day as possible. Sometimes I’ll find that customers have issues that will likely take more time than they care to be on the phone to troubleshoot. To resolve this, though, I’ve made myself available well-after my own shift has ended to connect with them and gather the required information to take on their issue. Then, I’ll simply notify them when it’s completed that evening so they don't have to worry about it.

Q: It sounds like you truly go above and beyond for these customers. Do you have a favorite story you can share?

A: My favorite experience with Continuum thus far has been getting to attend our Navigate 2017 user conference in Las Vegas, because I got to speak with many of the Continuum Partners I have helped out over the years. It was a pleasure to meet face-to-face with and assist our partners in finding ways that they could better grow their business by adding our Help Desk solution to their toolbox. The whole week was amazing, not to mention getting my identity “stolen” by keynote speaker Kevin Mitnick on the first night!

Q: When it comes to providing support, are there any common challenges you’re usually faced with? If so, how do you overcome them?

A: The most common challenge I come across when working with our customers is when it comes to passwords. No one ever wants to give out their password, especially if it’s one they likely use elsewhere. I have been able to comfort users by offering to reset their password to something generic that only I will only use to remediate that specific issue, then they are welcome to reset it back to their own once it is complete—allowing them to keep that sense of security that is so important in this day and age.

Q: What’s your advice for how MSPs can deliver great customer service to their clients?

A: If I could pick one thing in particular, it would be to assure your customers that no matter how small their issue is, you—as well as our team—are there to assist them until it is resolved. I have won over many disgruntled users just by making their problem my own, then following through with resolving it. And if I don’t, I’ll be the first voice they hear the next day with what the next step in our game plan is. That persistence and dedication will go a long way.

Q: Finally, what does winning this prestigious award mean to you and the amazing work that you do?

A: Winning this award has been an immense honor. It’s very humbling to first be nominated by Continuum’s leadership team, and then to be selected by the HDI committee. This award has justified the late hours and nights I have dedicated to our customers, and it makes me only want to strive for more here with Continuum and our Help Desk. Most of all, it’s an honor to be able to represent Continuum and show that we are an industry-recognized leader in customer service and will do whatever it takes to get the job done!


Phil truly serves as a testament to how great work, dedication and a positive attitude can translate into an outstanding service experience for your customers. Even his co-workers were eager to weigh in on his win. Here’s what Maura Terzolino, Help Desk Service Delivery Manager at Continuum, had to say:

“It’s amazing to know that a technician who constantly pushes himself and others around him is getting recognized for his hard work and dedication to Continuum and our customers. It was a proud moment hearing his name get called for an award that he has worked so hard to achieve and deserves enormously.”

“This award also solidifies what we preach and commit to our partners and their clients daily. We don’t stop on solving issues, and our technicians pride themselves on going the extra mile to satisfy our customers. Phil winning this award is not only a great reflection on him, but the entire Help Desk team who are pushing each other to provide world-class service.”


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