How to Draft Your Cybersecurity Battle Plan: The Best Defense is a Good Offense!

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Reactively fending off attacks is only part of the fight. Detection and prevention of attacks before they become a problem is just as (if not more so) important and vitally critical to protecting your clients’ workstations, servers and networks. 

Here are some ideas to help you establish a proactive and aggressive battle plan that you can implement to better protect client security.  


Secure Borders by Offering Strong Firewall Management 

Installing a good firewall appliance onsite is a great first step in protecting your clients' security. It prevents intrusions both internally and externally, but it can fall short of fully protecting a network if it's just set up and left to run without any management whatsoever. Beyond patch management, monitoring and software updates, you need to use a firewall that increases your ability to support your clients. Regular review is required, which is why so many of your clients will depend on you to help them by including it as part of your managed IT services offering.

Proactively overseeing a firewall means using management tools to monitor application, web content and user filtering. A good firewall solution, like the ones Meraki or Palo Alto provide, will equip you with tools that allow you to continually see what's happening within a client's network. Threat, data and web traffic patterns, as well as user activity, can provide insight into potential threat sources, and help you strengthen defenses to protect your client. 

Imagine Securing Your Client's Network is like a Game of Minesweeper...

As players, you win by observing and uncovering surrounding patterns that help you identify dangerous territories. But you cannot champion a game of Minesweeper if you're not using logic to proactively sniff out, "flag" and dodge the mines. Similarly, the right firewall can give you the ability to identify threats before they disrupt a client's business.


Ward Off Attacks with Threat Intelligence

Viruses and malware that infect and disrupt a business's network are not unlike the flu. When you get a flu shot, you're not protecting yourself from last year's flu. You strengthen your antibodies' defenses by getting vaccinated for the current strain, since the viruses are continually mutating, changing and adapting every year. Cyber viruses and the IT threat landscape are also never at rest. MSPs must always keep a watchful eye over their clients' environments. 

Threat intelligence provides this kind of global insight by continually monitoring and searching for malicious and benign activity. Its goal is to explore new threat trends to fend off attacks before they land. We at Southern Data Solutions recommend looking into OpenDNS, a solution that has pioneered an algorithm that detects and defends against viruses and malware. Whether you choose their product or not, it's important to incorporate Threat Intelligence into your security scheme, so you can keep an active lookout for enemies on your shore. 


Don't take your clients' cybersecurity lying down. When you can talk to customers about how you'll prevent attacks from happening, and not just how you'll respond when they are attacked, you'll position yourself as an invaluable partner. THAT'S someone they'll want to go into battle with!

Train your clients to join the force!


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