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How to Reach $100M in Revenue as an MSP, Featuring Paul Chisholm: MSPtv Episode 27

Posted July 30, 2014by Tim Lewis



In this week's episode of MSPtv, we sit down with Paul Chisholm, the former CEO of MindSHIFT and keynote speaker at Navigate 2014, as he gives us an extensive outline of a successful managed IT services provider. As Harvard Business Review's 26th Best-Performing CEO in the World, Paul provides important insight on the past, present, and future of the MSP business model. We're excited to feature this industry luminary, who previously grew his company from $5M to $100M in revenue. Tune in to understand other MSP best practices, like KPI trends you should be tracking and how best to adapt to your customers' needs.


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Episode Outline:

  • [2:04] - Changes in the industry in the last 15 years
    • Sales were "missionary sales"
    • Security changed immensely
    • Customer expectations
      • Customers are smarter
    • Complexity in day-to-day operations
  • [6:38] - What today's MSPs have to do to run their businesses effectively
    • Financially stable
      • Day one: Treat MSP like a public company
    • Look behind the KPIs, ask why
    • Biggest opportunity: Big companies don't know their customer's business
    • Be knowlegeable of multiple cloud services
    • Have an individuality, find your strongpoints, be a "trusted advisor"
  • [11:40] - Future of Hybridization 
    • Nothing transitions 100%
    • Hybrid cloud model will be around for awhile
      • Advantage for MSPs: Manage mulitple environments
  • [14:48] - Future of MSP
    • Cloud will be the biggest change
    • Software in general: More security and protection
      • Purchasing software licenses will be gone
    • Devices (BYOD)
    • Demand for service will increase
  • [16:46] - Tips from Paul
    • Be financially stable from day one
    • Make sure you measure the right KPIs
    • Don't be afraid of change
    • Change in a structured way
    • Adapt to your customers, this is a people business


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Tim Lewis came from Emerson College in Boston, he lives and breathes motion pictures. In his spare time he enjoys petting his dog, Duke! Woof!

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