How to Turn Your Business Into a Resilient One

You’re in business to make money, but that’s not the only reason you started this professional adventure. Maybe you’re looking for a way to create a legacy to pass on to your family, or you’re hoping to fund your retirement. Maybe your business is helping you send your kids to college, provide a better lifestyle, or help you fund your favorite hobbies.

Whatever your business does for your life, being resilient in business makes it all work. Our industry changes so quickly that it can be hard to predict and stay ahead of changes, but business resiliency is the key to meeting and exceeding your business goals.

Like we already stated, the future is never set in stone. Along with setting yourself up to stay ahead of technology as it changes, being resilient also establishes a stable future for your business. Without stability, you cannot expect long-term growth and success.

What Does Resilience Mean?

When you hear resilience, maybe it’s power that comes to mind. Or maybe you’re thinking about stamina. Either way, it’s what keeps your business running when the pressure is on. Business resilience is what helps keep your business ahead of changing technology by finding new ways to create additional revenue.

The business resilience process starts with having a balanced, diversified portfolio of revenue sources that allow you to create a stable, trustworthy, money-generating company. We took a closer look at the attributes that successful technology professionals use to capitalize on revenue, and we used the data to create a framework to help you build your own business resiliency.

It’s all about shifting your perspective to focus on the 'Solutions Menu.' Use the Solutions Menu as your guide to align your organization to your customers’ needs and find the right ways to connect to those needs from the first touch base to the final business review. By setting up teams within your organization to cover each of the technology areas on the Solutions Menu, you’ll be building out a full-service solution for each of your customers and creating new revenue opportunities for your business.

With internal Technology Teams dedicated to each piece of the Solutions Menu, you can align your customers’ needs to your Technology Teams and meet their needs even more efficiently. Every customer is going to have a unique set of needs based on their industry, maturity, and business size. Those variables will be what helps you settle on the right pieces of the Solutions Menu to fuel their success.

Getting Started

Begin setting the stage for your business resiliency by conducting a gap analysis. This will help you determine what you’ve got covered easily, and what you’ll need to add to keep meeting your customers’ expectations. Review the required processes, applications, tools, knowledge, and resources you have on hand, and then rely on ConnectWise to help you build out the rest with integrations and Solutions Partners who can help fill in the holes.

And when you’re ready to add another Technology Team to the mix, you’ll start the gap analysis process all over again. Missing something? That's where the ConnectWise ecosystem of integrated solutions comes in. We’re working hard to help you create a resilient business through the products you use and the services you rely on. We’re uniquely positioned to help you navigate this changing landscape.

ConnectWise is a Silver sponsor of Navigate 2018! Stop by our booth to say hi and learn more about how you can make your business a resilient one.


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