It's been quite the 10 years for data breaches, hasn't it? Maybe you've been repressing those awful memories from cybercriminal attacks past. Then again, you might be able to recall the results of 2014's Target and 2008's Heartland data breaches, down to the last stolen record and compromised credential. I want to see how much you know about the decade's worst data security fails. Do you think you can hack it? Play to win in this quiz about data loss!

Then, share this post with your colleagues and on your own websites to show the world of managed IT services just how important data protection is for business longevity...oh and that you're really smart for getting all 10 questions correct, of course!


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The preceding quiz was taken from data presented in Information is Beautiful's Interactive Infographic, World's Biggest Data Breaches.

Data security in healthcare organizations is needed now more than ever!

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