Social media. You've heard of it. Maybe you've delved into it a little. But do you know how to leverage it to gain and retain new clients? You may be asking yourself, "How do I start?" or "Can I really benefit from social media?" Luckily, we sat down with Continuum's Inbound Marketing Associate, Mary McCoy, to discuss the ROI of social media and the social mindset for managed IT services providers. Not only is it great for competitive insight, but social media and online conversations allow you to build and nurture key client relationships. Use social media to get to know prospects on a personal level so that you can close them on a professional level!


Episode Outline:

[0:28] - Can social media be used practically?

  • There is a real business value to leveraging social media
  • Referral based businesses are tailor-made for social media

[1:21] - Replacing 1-on-1 conversations with social media

  • Reach out to customers easily and get to know them
  • See how your competitors are doing
  • Access prospects instantaneously without having to meet them at events or trade shows, and nurture that new relationship

[2:05] - How to get started

  • Research your target demographic, be strategic
  • Figure out where they are: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
  • To be social doesn't mean you need to be on every platform

[3:08] - Twitter

  • Great platform to demonstrate trust with customers
  • Tweet out 3rd party articles to educate and help customers
  • Out of sight does not mean out of mind
  • Don't use Twitter to promote your products
  • Make it a dialogue - not a monologue
  • Make yourselves available to your customers online
    • Jetblue is well known for having an outstanding customer-service social presence

[7:23] - Is this something you need to do everyday?

  • Social Media is not one size fits all, there's no formula
  • Keep it simple at first
    • See what sticks
  • Start out with one post a day
  • See how often your competitors are posting and to what end