In just a few years, HTTP could be a thing of the past. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is making a push to transition the web to the more secure HTTPS. The change could be starting as soon as this summer. Meanwhile, there's a dangerous Android Malware menace making the rounds. Are you safe? Find out on this week' edition of IT Rewind!


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Time to Secure the Web? EFF Says HTTPS Can Soon Be the Norm

InfoWorld, @infoworld, Paul Krill, @pjkrill

New Android Mobile Menace One of the Most Sophisticated Yet

CRN, @CRN, Robert Westervelt, @rwestervelt

Preparing Your Company for Change: MSPradio 31

MSP Blog, @FollowContinuum, Nate Teplow, @nteplow

Call for Entries: 2014 MSP 250 -- Most Influential People in Managed Services

MSP Blog, @FollowContinuum, Nate Teplow, @nteplow


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Continuum Coach's Corner Episode 2: Pricing Strategies That Fit Your Business


Okay team, we're continuing the managed IT services season with Continuum Coach's Corner, an educational video series designed to teach MSPs the business strategies and best practices needed to succeed in the ever-changing IT world. Huddle up with host, Coach Raymond Vrabel, Director of Technical Account Management at Continuum, as he maps out play-by-plays to increase your revenue and profitability. In this episode, Coach Ray lays out strategies and tips on how to develop the perfect pricing plans to scale your business.

Pricing strategies are a hot topic right now among managed service providers, and for good reason: right now the industry offers enough flexibility to provide a number of different pricing models. What's the average MSP pricing model? Which one is right for you? Coach Ray is here to help clear the fog. Read more »

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Uber abuse:

         Uber and Google Are Abusing User Data for Fun
         Network World, @NetworkWorld, Fredric Paul

Tinkering with Twitter:

        9 New Twitter Features and Tweaks Coming in 2015
        CIO, @CIOonline, Matt Kapko, @mattkapko

Google fixes flaws:

         Google Fixes 42 Flaws in Chrome 39 Browser
         eWeek, @eWEEKNews, Sean Michael Kerner

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