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5 Ways to Improve Your MSP Service Level Agreement (SLA)

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5 Ways to Improve Your MSP Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

SLAs are the foundation of your MSP business. They are essential to building strong client relationships and must be clear, reasonable and well-constructed.

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Introducing a New eBook to Help MSPs Overcome BDR Growth Barriers

Posted April 25, 2017by Joseph Tavano

Introducing a New eBook to Help MSPs Overcome BDR Growth Barriers

Some MSPs have started to think that, given the commoditization of BDR as a service in the IT channel, backup and disaster recovery technology is a “settled” line of business with little variation and innovation between the major solution providers.

Think again.

BDR, as a product category, has never been more complex to navigate. With multiple cloud environments, a range of software vendors, and an ever-expanding threat landscape that makes business continuity absolutely vital, MSPs have more to consider than ever about this crucial component of their business. 

How does a managed IT services provider choose the best platform for the right price? What will be the total cost of ownership over time for that platform? How much will it cost in labor to manage it? When the business grows, must more skilled labor be found and hired, too? Does the platform provider lock you into a long-term, inflexible contract?

There are a lot of questions to think about. All these questions and more are at the forefront of the BDR space. The bad news is that it’s not getting any simpler, and many solutions in the marketplace are actually built on the same technology. Also, with the reality of the IT skills gap making it harder to find, hire and retain qualified technical talent, the capital investment only becomes greater and margins become smaller.

The good news is that Continuity247® is available, and it meets and exceeds yesterday’s solutions in terms of performance.

From Pain Points to Profit: Overcoming BDR Growth Barriers with Continuity247 is a new eBook for the established MSP that takes a look at some of the more common issues affecting BDR service delivery today. Inside, you’ll find the pain points that may only emerge after having adopted a BDR platform for some time, dealing with the quirks, hassles, and inefficiencies of the technology, leaving you to wonder if there is a better way.

However, there are answers to these issues. In this eBook, you’ll also discover how you can move forward to a more efficient, more reliable, and more profitable fully-managed BDR offering with Continuty247. Because it was designed from the ground up with the MSP in mind, Continuity247 is uniquely situated in the industry to offer rock-solid technology, world-class service delivery, and technical expertise that is unparalleled. From skills gap and staffing concerns to a technical look at the unique features of the platform, you’ll learn how to increase your business’ productivity, find greater margins with each client (no matter the size) and gain a true market advantage.

Don’t let yourself get archived! It’s time to think about the future of backup. From Pain Points to Profit is your guide to a healthier, more efficient and more profitable way to offer BDR today and into a successful tomorrow for your MSP business.

What are you waiting for? Download your free eBook today!
From Pain Points to Profit: BDR Download

Joseph Tavano is Senior Content Marketing Manager at Continuum, with more than 12 years of experience in content creation and editorial in various disciplines. He is the author of numerous eBooks, eGuides, blog posts and other collateral that enable Continuum partners and IT service providers in the channel to make their businesses stronger and grow their profits. He is also the producer of the Continuum Podcast Network, which publishes multiple shows every week and reaches tens of thousands of IT professionals every year. A native of Boston, he holds bachelors in English and History from Suffolk University and resides in Salem, Massachusetts.

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