The need to enhance cybersecurity is a given today for both Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and their clients. The constant news headlines containing “ransomware,” “cybercrime,” “data breach” or the like has made security top of mind for businesses of all sizes—prompting MSPs to start thinking more seriously about their cybersecurity services and how to best offer them to clients.

There is a huge opportunity for MSPs to pave the path to their clients’ success, but it all starts with cybersecurity sales. However, selling your managed security services isn’t always easy. Your focus and priority is on keeping your clients protected, yet this makes it difficult to find the time to create your own marketing campaigns. But, imagine if you could become a cybersecurity sales expert without doing all the heavy lifting…

Introducing the new Cybersecurity Sales Success Kit: 2018 Edition! This kit has been refurbished to keep pace with the rapidly evolving threat landscape, and provides you with everything you need to get your sales and marketing efforts off to a great start this year. Looking for sales enablement guides and resources? We’ve got plenty. Need some customizable marketing collateral? Just plug-in your logo and go. The assets in this kit are designed to help you tailor your pitch and grow revenue by cross-selling existing clients or attracting new prospects to your security offering. 

What else can you find inside the Cybersecurity Sales Success Kit: 2018 Edition? Some additional materials include:

  • A “getting started” guide, detailing how to best use each asset of the kit
  • Customizable, white-label sales and marketing collateral, including
    • Emails
    • An eBook for lead generation
    • Key talking points
    • Presentation materials and resources
    • and much more!

As your clients’ trusted advisor, you can leverage this kit to combine the best of breed tools you already use with the educational materials and expertise needed to help them understand today’s cyber risks and win them over. With this kit, you'll be able to shift the security conversation with your clients from a simple idea to something tangible. This new pitch is your entry point to offering real protection.

Want a sneek peak? Here's an excerpt from the included eBook: 

Email Security Best Practices—Five Ways to Block Phishing Attacks

Employees should always be suspicious of potential phishing attacks, especially if they don’t know the sender. Here are five best practices to follow to help make sure employees don’t become helpless victims:

  1. Don't reveal personal or financial information in an email—Make sure employees also know not to respond to email solicitations for this information. This includes clicking on links sent in such emails. 
  1. Check the security of websites—This is a key precaution to take before sending sensitive information over the Internet. <http> indicates the site has not applied any security measures while <https> means it has. Also consider if employees are practicing safe browsing. Sites that do not serve a legitimate business purpose are also more likely to contain harmful links.

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