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Introducing a White-Label Sales Deck to Help Accelerate Your MSP Sales Opportunities

Posted June 2, 2017by Lily Teplow

Introducing a White-Label Sales Deck to Help Accelerate Your MSP Sales Opportunities

Do you struggle with effectively communicating your business value to prospects? If you’re like most managed services providers (MSPs) out there, the answer is a resounding yes. Whether it be dealing with common objections or not having the sales resources available, there are many challenges that can stand in the way of selling your IT services and growing your business. 

If you’re looking for help to overcome these challenges, you can download our new white-label sales presentation deck! This comprehensive deck is designed to help you showcase your unique value as an MSP, accelerate your sales opportunities, persuade SMB decision makers and sell your IT services with ease.

How Will This Deck Help My Business?

This sales deck provides you with everything you need to make your pitch and demonstrate your value to prospects. We’ve included compelling copy, images, speaker notes and templated slides you can customize with your logo, messaging and other content.

Downloading this deck can help you take prospects through the MSP sales funnel and close them into clients. The slides included in this deck cover all the bases, such as:

  • The core value of managed services
  • The top IT challenges SMBs face and how you can address them
  • An overview of your services and the business benefits they provide
  • Your choice of “next step” options, including a network assessment, pricing quote or contact information

Depending on the type of pitch or meeting you’re running, there are several use cases for this deck. These include:

Prospect Meetings

Not sure what to cover in your initial MSP meetings, or don’t have a go-to sales resource? This deck provides the perfect outline to present to prospects, taking them through the benefits of your IT services and on to the next stage in the sales cycle.

Lunch and Learns

Want to differentiate your business from the competition? You can embed your value proposition right into this deck and use it to demonstrate your value to multiple prospects during a larger lunch-and-learn or meet-and-greet session.


Want to generate more MSP leads? Use this deck as your own webinar to drive more prospect interest and capture new lead information.

So, what’re you waiting for? Download your copy today to help showcase your value, differentiate yourself from the competition and accelerate your MSP sales opportunities!

Download White-Label MSP Sales Deck

Lily is passionate about storytelling, marketing, and helping businesses solve their biggest challenges. In her role as Public Relations and Media Specialist at Continuum, she is responsible for enhancing the company’s voice and presence through online and offline channels. With a background in communications and content creation, Lily is a seasoned and established writer in the IT industry. In her spare time, Lily enjoys traveling the world and cheering on her favorite Boston sports teams.

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