Cybersecurity is both a threat and an opportunity today for businesses. As a managed IT service provider (MSP), security is rapidly becoming one of the biggest threats to both your customers’ and your own continued business success. Because SMBs typically don’t have the skills, awareness, or resources to protect themselves against today’s advanced cyberthreats, they need the help of a trusted MSP more than ever. The fact is, SMBs will favor (and migrate to) those MSPs that can truly protect them with a full spectrum of 24x7 threat detection and response services.

This means that now is the time for MSPs to ask themselves: Is your business prepared to deliver the security solutions that your clients need and demand? Have you assessed your company’s risk of a cyberattack? What would happen if an attack affects your customers?

Read on to find out what MSPs need to do right now to protect their customers and themselves.

Cybersecurity is a Top Priority for SMBs

With both SMBs and MSPs experiencing more cyberattacks, security is becoming a decisive factor in whether an SMB chooses or continues to work with an MSP. Nearly all SMBs (93 percent) would consider switching to a new MSP if that provider offered the “right” cybersecurity solution.

To protect their clients and their own businesses from attack, MSPs need effective, rapid threat detection and response. The problem is that many MSPs don’t have the people, skills, and technology to achieve it on their own.

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