For MSPs who are in highly competitive markets or have an aggressive growth strategy, a high-efficiency, highly skilled network operation center (NOC) team is essential today.

But once you integrate those NOC services, what happens to your staff?

The integration of a NOC is more than a bolt-on service; it’s a catalyst for the realignment of your team—who will now be focused on high-priority, revenue-generating projects and accelerated business growth.

This leaves MSPs with several burning questions, such as:

  • What is the best structure for rapid growth and success?

  • What roles are needed in your organization?

  • Do you have the right skill sets applied in the right positions?

  • Does every member of your team have clearly defined roles and objectives? 

  • Will this structure operate more efficiently?

And with a deep IT skills gap across all managed services, your technician’s time is more valuable than ever before. With so much demand on their time, scoping out the right position for them to succeed will not only increase the efficiency with which client needs are addressed, but will also increase employee satisfaction and retention.

Unlocking Business Growth

The key hurdle is, many MSPs are not sure how to align their team internally to make the best use of an integrated NOC, leaving the opportunity for increased revenue on the table and further business growth unexplored. That's where Continuum comes in.

In Part I of this Scaling for Success series, we discussed the issues of staffing and growth, and how you can profitably grow using a NOC. In Part II, we explored how to supercharge your operations using smarter technology and automation.

Now with this final installment, we’ll explain how to focus and structure your organization for profitable growth using the Continuum platform. You’ll be able to swiftly identify the most pressing issues you need to tackle, explore the root cause of those issues, determine the best way forward and understand how that decision sets you up to scale for success.

Download the full eBook, Scaling for Success: A three-part series centered around MSP growth, to solve challenges like effectively organizing your team after partnering with a third-party NOC.

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