If you’ve decided that it’s time to start offering managed IT services as part of your complete services offering, this blog post will assist you as you make key decisions on how to set up and structure this new line of business and bring it to market—so you can capitalize on the exciting opportunity that is present in managed services.

Why Join the Managed Services Evolution?

The adjacency of managed services to your core office equipment business is extraordinarily relevant, and the business-model similarity outstanding.

Your OE customers are looking to reduce vendors, and want an MSP that provides the financial security, depth of personnel and the proven infrastructure that your dealership provides. You have likely built your business on an outstanding customer experience; imagine if your client could associate a similar level of excellence with you as their mission critical IT provider.

Your MSP unit will also provide consulting and roadmap design for your client; this level of guidance is the highly valuable in the enterprise. While your workflow solutions may improve efficiency, provide a competitive advantage and occasionally save your clients money, your MSP advice and services keep the clients’ business running every minute of every day. When you are their MSP, they rely on you to man their IT help desk; keep their network, switches, servers, PC and IT infrastructure healthy; provide business continuity and recovery via backup services and keep their data safe and secure from threats, never allowing the company to be held for ransom.

Where to Start: Build, Buy or Partner?

It can be overwhelming to figure out the first step in building a brand-new business unit. However, it should reassure you to know that there’s no single “right” way to augment your existing business with managed IT services.
Ultimately, you’ll need to commit to one of three options, or a combination of them, in how you structure your business, each with its own strengths:

We’re excited to share with you Section I of our new eBook, The Managed Services Go-to-Market Playbook for Office Equipment Dealers. Download now to learn more about the huge opportunity at hand, and get a look at some of the benchmarks and metrics that will help you gain a competitive edge faster.

Stay tuned for Section II, which is reserved exclusively for partners who have begun a trial or full rollout of at least one Continuum solution.