The ability for an MSP to specialize and differentiate themselves from their competition is a major factor toward business growth. However, with IT services becoming increasingly commoditized, providers are converging under large-scale mergers and acquisitions. This leaves many MSPs looking for the right way forward to grow their business. For many MSPs, this means specializing managed IT services for specific vertically-aligned industries.

From technology needs, to regulatory concerns to highly specific RMM, security and BDR requirements, MSPs who specialize in a vertical must become experts within that field in the realm of IT. They will anticipate problems before they happen, resolve issues as they arise, and advise on the technology needs for the future—all of which requires industry-specific experience and knowledge. For the MSPs who take the time to accumulate these skillsets and earn a trusted reputation within the vertical, the ROI can be enormous.

It all starts with a first step, and our new eBook, Targeting New Verticals: Understanding MSP Opportunities and Go-to-Market Strategies, is the perfect place to consider and evaluate your next move.

Targeting New Verticals: Understanding MSP Opportunities and Go-to-Market Strategies

This eBook serves as your complete guide to which verticals MSPs have historically found success, but also looks at new verticals where managed services have more recently gained foothold. For each of these five vertically-aligned industries—healthcare, legal, finance, construction, and non-profit—you’ll learn about:

  • Market opportunities that exist for MSPs entering the vertical
  • Required services that are needed to go to market
  • Key considerations to factor into your decision to specialize
  • Helpful tips on a typical sales process, and more!

Plus, when you’re ready to start specializing, Continuum has the solutions you need to start closing new vertical accounts. If you have questions about offering managed services to verticals, Targeting New Verticals: Understanding MSP Opportunities and Go-to-Market Strategies will provide the answers.


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