As an MSP, you understand how crucial business continuity and disaster recovery are for modern businesses. You’ve seen the downtime stats and you’ve dealt with disasters, but what does this look like from your clients’ point of view? Selling backup and disaster recovery (BDR) is a challenge for many MSPs, but it might be because small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) don’t fully understand the need for continuous uptime. If your prospective clients don’t have a business continuity plan in place or take for granted their ability to access data 24x7x365, ask them, “could your businesses survive a disaster?”

Today, many businesses rely on hard drives to back up and store their essential data. While this is a good practice, simply backing up data is not enough. In order for your clients and prospects to comprehend the need for BDR, you need to get them thinking beyond standard file and folder backup. If something goes awry, how reliable will those hard drives be, and what would happen if they completely failed?

To help you illustrate this point, we’ve pulled data from Backblaze’s Hard Drive Reliability Review that you can use in your next sales conversations and presentations!

See the chart below:


If there’s one major takeaway from this chart, it’s that hard drives fail. This is just to be expected, but with failure rates on the rise, how can your clients ready themselves for service disruptions or unplanned outages? Are they prepared for a disaster? If you want to convince prospects of the value of your BDR solution, you need to be ready and willing to answer their questions.

We’re already backing up, isn’t that enough?

Unfortunately, you’re gambling with the safety of your data if you think hard drive storage is enough. When you rely on data for day-to-day operations, you can’t afford to leave that up to chance. You can’t always have blind faith in your hard drives or count on data being backed up properly. Failure happens, as we see from this chart, and that’s why having a true business continuity solution will ensure that your business can stay up and running when it does. A strong and reliable solution goes beyond simple backup by swiftly allowing you to resume operations and regain access to your files and data. 

What happens when hard drives fail?

When your hard drive fails and you haven’t backed up the data that’s stored on it, business will suffer. Without access to that data, your employees won’t be able to continue their work, which will lead to a major loss of productivity and revenue. Also, it takes a while to replace a hard drive once it fails, and that can lead to extended downtime – which can be quite costly and potentially destroy your business’ margins and reputation. With a business continuity solution in place, hard drive failure won’t threaten your profitability because operations will be able to continue as normal. 

Could hard drive failure lead to downtime and data loss?

Absolutely. Businesses today need 24x7 uptime, accessibility and availability, but when they’re hit with an unexpected disaster, like hard drive failure, and aren’t prepared, it could mean closing their doors for good. Don’t you want to protect your business and valuable data? Our business continuity solution is designed to prevent downtime and keep your employees operating productively. It automatically backs up your business’ data, as frequently as you need, so if there’s a problem, files can be restored as quickly as possible. A business continuity solution is your number one defense against downtime and data loss.

If this happens to me, how can I ensure that my data stays accessible?

You need a reliable business continuity solution that goes beyond just traditional backup. It’s critical that your data stays safe and intact, but more importantly that you’re able to recover it should a disaster scenario occur. Our BDR solution leverages the cloud, meaning that your data is also stored offsite and able to be virtually brought back up. When the virtual server is deployed, your data will be easily accessible and your systems will be up and running again quickly, minimizing downtime and helping your business keep moving forward. 


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