Mobile devices have exploded over the past few years, and that trend is only continuing. With smartphones, tablets and the recent emergence of wearable tech, people can now connect to the web from wherever they are, which makes employees more efficient and more flexible. However, all of these devices bring up a number of security concerns for companies, which need increasingly complex systems to manage their employees’ devices and control their information. Mobile device management (MDM) has become an increasingly significant component of managed services, and will only continue to grow in its importance.

MDM is a quickly growing market, meaning there are big opportunities for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to open up new revenue streams. Whether these devices are work-issued or personally owned, companies need help when it comes to protecting their information access points, and MDM is that solution.

In our white paper – IT Without Limits: The Power of Mobile Device Management – we discuss the current trends in MDM and outline exactly what you need to include as part of your MDM offering.

We cover:

  • Requirements for effective Mobile Device Management
  • Areas of focus for solution providers considering MDM
  • The effect of BYOD on IT service providers
  • The high growth and large potential of the MDM market


IT Without Limits: The Power of Mobile Device Management
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