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Join the Ranks of the MSP Elite: Learn about Our 3 Service Levels!

Posted October 30, 2014by Ben Barker


Being elite is something that everyone strives for. Whether you’re a middle-of-the-road quarterback trying to fit in with the Tom Bradys and Peyton Mannings of the world (I’m looking at you, Flacco), or an MSP looking to scale business and increase recurring revenue, being “elite” has a nice ring to it. 
Before you can call yourself elite, you’ve got to make sure that you’re equipping your business to succeed. By partnering with us, you already understand the value of our integrated Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) and Network Operations Center (NOC) solution.

Still, our platform isn't one-size fits all. There are ways to get the most out of your NOC; ways to scale your business while getting the most “bang” for your buck, long after NOCtober. Unfortunately, many people aren’t taking advantage of this option.

At Continuum, we offer three levels of RMM Server Care: Essential, Preferred and Elite. Each level allows you to employ the RMM/NOC integration, but Elite Server Care members truly get to leverage our comprehensive business model to grow and scale their managed IT services. Let us explain...

What is the Difference between Essential, Preferred and Elite? 

Good question. The different levels of server care come with different features and benefits. Below is a brief description of how each level of server care allows you to use the integrated platform.


Essential is the first level, but maybe you're looking for more involvement from our NOC...

Preferred is certainly preferable to Essential, but you can do yourself one better!




A Word from Partners Like You

Not convinced? Don’t take it from us. Many of our partners have had such positive experiences that they’ve offered to share their stories. Check out these real-world examples of how Elite Server Care can elevate your MSP business above the competition.



It's not only peace of mind that you gain when you have a team of experts work through the night, you also save money. You no longer have to staff expensive technicians to work the graveyard shift. But the real advantage of Elite Server Care comes with the expansion of your platform's service ability. Routine maintenence tasks are a thing of the past when you're elite, just send them over to the NOC. Now, your in-house technicians will have more time to spend with your clients working on larger issues that can help to grow business.


There are many benefits to joining the ranks of the elite. Being able to spend time working on your MSP business rather than working in it is something that not everyone has the luxury of. Like these partners were, you’ll be amazed at the benefits of smart-sourcing tasks in order to focus on the “big picture.” Who knows, maybe you’ll even have time to take a vacation!

For more information on our various offerings and key features of each, reach out to one of our account executives. If you're a current partner, reference the Partner Support Portal.

Are you fully unleashing the power of the NOC?

Ben is a graduate of Emerson College and a huge Boston sports fan.

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