Maintaining a strong prospect funnel is one of the biggest challenges facing MSPs today. Marketing and demand generation for managed IT services can be tricky, and even the best closers and sales-driven business owners can struggle to leverage modern digital marketing tactics to drive conversion and bring in new business.

There’s no shortage of communication channels and delivery mechanisms that MSPs today can utilize to reach potential customers, and knowing how and where to start isn’t easy. Developing a foundational understanding of inbound marketing strategies and best practices can help service providers take the first step in building a steady stream of prospect engagement, opportunities and appointments.

To help provide that foundational understanding, we’ve created a new eBook collection: Getting Started with Content Marketing. This bundle contains four essential guides for MSPs that provide quick, digestible introductions to blogging, content creation, social media and video production – and show you how to leverage proven tactics to be successful in your marketing efforts.

You may have read which types of content generate the most leads in our previous blog post. The Getting Started with Content Marketing collection picks up where we left off, containing the following resources:


Build Your Brand and Increase Website Traffic

Getting Started with Blogging

Blog writing allows you to share your experience and expertise with readers and potential customers, helps optimize your website in search engine rankings, and can help you better-connect with both existing customers and prospects - for free! This guide will help you begin building your business blog. Included are guidelines and best practices to help you craft original content, understand what topics you can write about, find inspiration, and more!


Find Your Voice and Create Copy that Converts

Getting Started with Content Creation

Creating valuable content is essential in modern marketing – and knowing how to get started is at least half the battle. This guide provides some basic background on copywriting and style best practices that you can use when creating your own content and marketing collateral.


How Likes and Retweets Can Lead to Meaningful Conversations

Getting Started with Social Media

Social media presents a great opportunity to uncover new potential business opportunities and to qualify those opportunities; through likes, shares, comments and other social actions, you can often paint a pretty clear picture of what a user is interested in learning more about - and when they might be ready to make a purchase. This guide teaches you how to leverage today’s leading social media platforms to drive new business, create meaningful conversations with existing customers and prospects, and more!

How to Drive Conversion through Digital Media

Getting Started with Video Marketing

A picture is worth 1,000 words - a minute of video is worth 1.8 million! Video is a great and effective way to communicate both with prospects and existing customers. This guide can provide you with some basic background on video production and showcase how it can play a valuable role in your overall marketing strategy.

Access the complete eBook collection and jumpstart your marketing and lead generation efforts!