Live from Navigate 2017: Day 2 Coverage

Greetings again from day two of Navigate 2017, Continuum’s user conference focused on empowering our MSP partners with the tools and insight they need to define their path and achieve success in the IT space.

We saw a lot happen during day one, including Continuum University sales and advanced technical trainings, various breakout sessions ranging from cybersecurity, to business development, to partner success, and finally an inspiring (and daunting) keynote from infamous hacker Kevin Mitnick. Riding off the coattails of an eventful and successful day one, here’s a look at what day two of Navigate 2017 had to offer.

The Art of [Cyber]War: Lessons from Sun Tzu

We kicked off day two with the wildly anticipated keynote from Continuum CEO Michael George. In this keynote presentation, Michael highlighted the opportunity presented by managed security services, explored this expanding cybercrime phenomenon, and imparted ancient battlefield wisdom from Sun Tzu that is all-too-relevant in the marketplace today. 

Michael spoke to the challenge that many small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face in being unprotected from the growing list of threats, risks and attacks being carried out by today's cybercriminals. He also presented a framework for how MSPs can establish cost-effective defense and remediation services to mitigate these attacks—helping them dramatically accelerate their growth, better-retain clients and outperform their competition.

Take a look at some of the many highlights from Michael’s keynote:

Michael also touched upon seven habits that all MSPs should adopt as they strive to grow and find success in the IT space. You can click here to view all seven habits!

Additionally, Michael shared a handful of maxims that he has learned throughout the years. Simply click here to check them out!

Most notably, Michael unveiled Continuum Security, Continuum’s forthcoming security offering that will empower IT service providers with the tools and knowledge they need to capitalize on the growing managed security opportunity. This managed security portfolio and two new security solutions were discussed in further detail during the Product Roadmap keynote, which brings us too...

Presenting Continuum’s Product Roadmap

Fielder Hiss, Continuum’s Vice President of Product, presented his Product Roadmap Presentation, during which he discussed Continuum’s newest product offerings, and gave attendees a first-hand look at improved functionality and modernized desktop management UI. Fielder also shared information about the Help Desk global expansion and additional BDR service offerings. Here’s what attendees had to say about these announcements:

Most importantly, Fielder took a deep dive into Continuum Security, the company’s new security offering, as well as the two new solutions, Profile & Protect and Detect & Respond.

Using Profile & Protect, IT service providers can define their security offerings based on targeted profiles built for specific threat vectors, including Phishing & Ransomware, Insider Threat, External Threat and Top Exploits. By using the profiling tool, MSPs will be able to determine exactly what types of threats they are protecting each client against, and identify opportunities to tailor security services based on the risk faced by each client.

Meanwhile, by monitoring, analyzing, detecting and responding to attacks, Detect & Respond expands IT service provider capabilities beyond simple protection. Utilizing Continuum’s 24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC), Detect & Respond monitors for indicators of compromise, separates false positives from actual malicious events and drives remediation actions to prevent harm and reduce ‘dwell time’ from months to minutes.

Here are some key highlights attendees shared from Fielder’s keynote:

Partner Awards Presentation

While we like to present the future of Continuum’s platform, we also like to take time to recognize the past successes of our partners. All of our partners work hard throughout the year, yet a few have gone above and beyond in utilizing Continuum’s products. So without further ado, here are the partner award winners for 2017:

Community Award: Referring Partner Champion – Evolve IT

Community Award: Excellence in Marketing – Arvig

Community Award: Continuum U Master – Greystone Technology

Elite Award – WorkSmart IT

Help Desk MVP Award – Elite Force IT

Continuity247 – Business Continuity Award – Network Coverage

Rookie of the Year – Nex-tech

Revenue Rock Star Award – Blue Technologies

All-in All Star – Frontier Business Products

Alliance Partner of the Year – HTG

Lifetime Award – Vertical Solutions

Partner of the Year – Office Equipment – Gordon Flesch Company

Partner of the Year – MSP – Greystone Technology

Partner of the Year – Europe – Virtual Networking

Partner of the year – APAC – BMS

Continuum Partner of the Year – Sharp Business Systems

Evening Event at Top Golf

In addition to the sessions and presentations at Navigate, we finished off day two with a fun-filled evening event at Top Golf. Continuum partners had the opportunity to win bragging rights as the best Navigate golfer—driving golf balls and tracking shots for distance, speed and accuracy. Partners also had the chance to play interactive games, enjoy some food, drinks, and dancing, and network with some of their peers!

Take a look at the fun times that were had at this exciting event:


We hope you’ve enjoyed this recap of day two of Navigate 2017! Tune in tomorrow as we bring you even more highlights from day three and beyond.