Been bogged down all week with server issues and needy clients? Don't worry, we've pulled together important news from the week you may have missed. From pricing strategies to opportunities in cloud computing, here's your weekly managed IT services recap.

To The Cloud!

As more businesses move to the cloud, your clients could be looking to you to take them there soon. Leverage IaaS by marrying your BDR offering with the cloud!

Navigating the New BDR Landscape

Show me the money! Did you know that the market for cloud-managed Wi-Fi is worth some serious green? A whopping $653 million & $2.5 billion expected in 2014 & 2018 respectively, to be exact. Are you cashing in?

Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi Market to Reach $2.5 Billion by 2018, IDC Says

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Bundling and Pricing Strategies for MSPs

So you’re breaking out of Break-Fix and are new to the whole managed services thing. You’re asking yourself what services to offer and what benefit each will have. Here's a great article to help you decide how to bundle your offerings:

7 Managed IT Services to Include in Your Offering

But how should you price your offering? You might think you have to lower the price to competitors’ levels, but have you ever considered raising prices instead? It’s bold, sure, but it can actually enhance perceptions of your service quality, helping you close new business. Here's how:

What MSPs Need to Know About the Science of Raising Prices


More On Heartbleed

No need to lose your head over Heartbleed. Rather than panic, just be proactive by changing your passwords. Continually monitor your security system, ensuring you’re prepared should disaster strike. Don’t throw your computers out the Windows XP!

Heartbleed – 9 Passwords That You Must Change Right Now

We have a feeling this IT security flaw wrinkled a few brows, maybe even sparked some stress munching. For your pleasure, scroll down to the amusing comic at the end of this article.

Understanding the Heartbleed Bug


IT Security Tips

As an MSP, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by the onslaught of recent online threats. We don’t blame you considering 72% of organizations that suffer data breaches go out of business in roughly two years. This is especially alarming when 78% of organizations have experienced major data loss in the past two years. Unfortunately, in many of these cases, disaster could have been avoided had SMBs routinely backed up data, as illustrated by the following infographic:

78% of Organizations Experienced a Data Breach in the Past 2 Years

Are you doing enough? President and CTO of FireMon, Jody Brazil, reminds us that the IT threat landscape is constantly expanding with increasing numbers of landmines. Accordingly, MSPs “must have the ability to automate and continuously monitor and assess dynamic network environments, and be equipped with proactive tools to provide predictive and prioritized intelligence on an ever-shifting risk profile." Check out the latest Ponemon Institute study findings below! They might serve as a wakeup call.

Ponemon: IT Security Teams Are 'Flying Blind' 

It’s Time to Encrypt the Entire Internet


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