weekly_recap_blog21-25Welcome back to another weekly roundup! This week we've seen some really interesting stories, including BDR in the modern era, mobile security and why IT businesses should be blogging. As we're getting close the end of April, let's look back at the week of April 21st in the world of managed IT services. 



The One Story You Can't Miss This Week

Disaster recovery is vital in software-defined datacentre era

Is your IT security system in need of some serious CPR? At a recent TechTarget Storage Decisions Disaster Recovery seminar, Jon Toigo, CEO of Toigo Partners International, insisted that “[w]hat makes an everyday event, an inconvenience, into a disaster is not being prepared and letting an unplanned interruption go on for an unacceptable period of time.” Does your firm have a continuity plan in place?


Mobile Device Security

Why CEOs Should Care About Mobile Security

To secure your data you have to secure the device

Paging MD…M. Does your business have a mobile policy in place should one of your employees lose his/her tablet? It’s so easy to forget your iPhone when you’re running late and jumping off the train in a rush. If that device contains sensitive information, you better have paramedics on standby & a plan in place to wipe it!


File-Sharing - What Not To Do!

5 Dangerous File Sharing Habits You Need to Break Right Now

While you’re evaluating internal security, might we suggest—nay, IMPLORE—you take a look at your organization’s file sharing habits? A recent study by the Poneman Institute uncovered that 35% of data breaches are attributed to employee hiccups and the rising practice of using Shadow IT in the workplace. Sirens should be going off in your head right about now. 


IT Marketing

Three Reasons Why Your IT Business Should be Blogging

Social Media, Marketing and PR: Who's Responsible for What?

Are You Optimizing Social Media for Your Channel?

Ok so these posts may not seem like life or death matters, but whether your marketing is flat-lining or not, you should start practicing these inbound marketing strategies STAT!


The Honorable Mentions

CompTIA Wants To Close IT Gender Gap

Manta and Dell Release March 2014 SMB Owner Survey Results

Windows XP Migration and Commercial Spending Helped Offset Weak PC Demand in Q1


What other stories did we miss this week? Let us know in the comments.