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4 Ways a NOC Helps You Increase Your Profit Margins


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MSPs have heard it over and over again: increase your profit margins by using a Network Operations Center (NOC). You continually hear it because far and wide, people are developing their IT businesses this way. Our partner Ethan Tancredi, President of MySherpa, saw his revenue skyrocket from $500K to $3M by effectively leveraging Continuum’s NOC. But how exactly does a NOC bring so much value to your business, and why should you call on one? We break it down for you. Read more »


IT Security

Prepare yourself for high-stakes cyber ransom

Infoworld | Security Central, @infoworld, Roger Grimes, @rogeragrimes

"Criminals who hold your data hostage have been around for a while. But the threat is about to get a whole lot worse. [...] I'm not talking about some CryptoLocker variant holding an individual's computer hostage unless money is sent via PayPal or Coinbase. I'm talking about scenarios in which a hacker gains complete control over a company's valuable digital assets and demands major compensation to keep all that loot from landing in the bit bucket."

Microsoft slates critical IE, Windows patches for Tuesday

Computerworld, @Computerworld, Gregg Keizer, @gkeizer

"Microsoft today said it will ship six security updates to customers next week, patching all versions of Internet Explorer (IE) and nearly all supported editions of Windows. The IE update, one of two classified as "critical" -- Microsoft's most serious threat ranking -- will patch IE6 on Windows Server 2003, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10 and the newest, IE11."

BYOD adoption not as prevalent as you may think

TechTarget, @TechTarget, Jake O'Donnell, @jaketodonnell 

The biggest reason 40% of companies said no to BYOD was to consolidate IT support for company mobile devices. While the appeal of BYOD is that IT can shift some of the responsibilities of supporting devices to employees, non-BYOD companies find device management less cumbersome or costly, [Seth] Robinson [, CompTIA Director of Technology Analysis,] said.


Harvard Business Review Study Links Cloud Computing to Increased Business Agility

ExecutiveBiz, @ExecutiveBiz, Jay Clemens

"The research shows 70 percent of respondents say they already have cloud infrastructure in place and 71 percent believe cloud could help minimize business challenges."

Cloud computing to rise 23 percent by 2018?

ihotdesk Ltd, @ihotdesk 

The cloud computing market is expected to increase 23 per cent by 2018, according to new figures from the International Data Corporation (IDC). [...] Meanwhile, Cloud Infrastructure, which is made up of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) or server and basic storage solutions, took 14 per cent of the market share."

Market Trends

Remote Patient Monitoring Market to Top $26 Billion by 2018

eWEEK News, @eWEEKNews, Nathan Eddy

"Overall, RPM revenues are expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 35 percent between 2013 and 2018, reaching $26.5 billion at the end of the forecast period."

Gartner Foresees Strong IT Spending Into 2015: 10 Key Data Points

eWEEK News, @eWEEKNews, Don Reisinger, @donreisinger 

"But after years of tight corporate IT budgets, research firm Gartner is reporting that global IT spending will rise for the rest of 2014 and into 2015 as the rest of the economy expands and IT vendors introduce the latest products customers care about. [...] In this slide show, eWEEK takes a look at Gartner's findings and provides details on exactly where enterprise spending will go into 2015."

MSP Best Practices 

10 Characteristics of an Ideal Managed Services Provider

JD Supra Advisories, @JDSupra, Rachel Teisch 

"9. Scalability: The provider should have the ability to handle, process, host, and store large amounts of data. Be sure you understand any data center capacity constraints or limitations."

Simplifying IT Pays Off With Big Savings, Better Business Success

CIO, CIOonline, Dan Muse, @dmuse

"With all the challenges IT leaders face, how can CIOs reduce complexity? IDC reports that organizations are taking multiple approaches, including [...o]utsourcing to third-parties and cloud computing providers."

Pricing MSP Services for Maximum Business Value

MSPmentor, @mspmentor

"First, don’t allow customers to nickel and dime services by offering a single-service menu to choose from. The most successful MSPs bundle their solutions and support into a managed service offering that commands a higher perceived value and leads to greater profitability."


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