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Continuum's Must-Read Blog Post This Week 

All MSPs Need to Be Performing Quarterly Business Reviews. Here’s How.


As a managed IT services provider (MSP) your goal is to build strong, long-term relationships with your clients. This relationship is usually defined by the quality of your work and the value you are delivering to the client. A great way to demonstrate this value is to perform Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs). These are an important component of your service offering and help set you apart as an elite MSP partner, rather than just a vendor. Read more »  

Hacker's Heaven

Warning: New Botnet Threat Could Spell GameOver, Literally

M.A. Polce Consulting Blog, , Jessica Katz

"What this botnet does is completely compromise your computer, and then use it to create other bots just like it, kind of like a zombie horde. These bots can send spam, steal sensitive information, and even execute distributed denial-of-service attacks, which can have the annoying effect of preventing the end-user from accessing their own computer. The malware spreads by users clicking on infected websites and emails, asking them to view their bank statement." 

Zeus Gameover Botnet Disrupted In Crackdown Tied To CryptoLocker

CRN Magazine, , Robert Westervelt,   

Malware Creation Breaks All Records in First Quarter of 2014, with 160,000 New Samples Every Day, According to PandaLabs Quarterly Report

IT Business Net, 

"Panda Security, The Cloud Security Company, has announced the latest findings of the PandaLabs Quarterly Report for Q1 2014. The main conclusions of the study include the fact that malware creation has broken all records during this period, with 15+ million new samples overall, and more than 160,000 new samples appearing every day." 

12 quick tips that will save your digital life from getting hacked

Financial Post, , Lisa Eadicicco,   

Your Company Is Going To Get Hacked, Will It Be Ready?

Forbes, , Rebecca Scorzato 

Hey You! Get on My Cloud!

Amazon and Microsoft top Gartner's IaaS Magic Quadrant

ZD Net, 

"In a detailed 50-page report, Gartner heaped praise on AWS, highlighting its diverse customer base, aggressive pricing strategy, and the broadest range of use-cases, including enterprise and mission-critical applications." 

Why Move to the Cloud? Benefits of Cloud Computing

Dynadot, , Justin Narayan  

Cloud is the New Security Perimeter

IT Security Expert Blog,  

"The rise of cloud computing is undeniable and unstoppable, information security professionals have to accept resistance to cloud is futile. The Cisco 2014 Annual Security Report, projects cloud network traffic will grow more than threefold by 2017, with businesses executives eyeing up cloud as the silver bullet in eliminating expensive IT hardware."


CBR, , Duncan MacRae,   

Secure on Your IT Security?

Staying on Top of IT Security

Navigation Arts, @NavigationArts, Christina Phillips 

Health IT security lags behind retail industry

FierceHealthIT, , Susan D. Hall

"The massive data breaches at Target and eBay could be a taste of what's in store for the healthcare industry, according to a report from security rating firm BitSight Technology."

The three greatest insider threats to your organisation, and how to beat them

ITProPortal, , Edward Jones 

Know your risks to avoid IT security disasters

TechRepublic, , Frank Ohlhorst

"Avoiding security disasters often means knowing what your risks are to begin with - a process that is often referred to as risk management. However risk management doesn't come without some risks of its own." 

Gmail Security Settings You Need to Know

Kaspersky Lab, , Brian Donohue 


BYOD and Big Data: Tech Trends Cheat Sheet, Part 1

Enterprise Networking Planet, , Jude Chao,   

How to Safely Manage Mobile Devices in Your Business

PC Magazine, , Fahmida Y. Rashid, @zdFYRashid 

"The small business has to figure out how to address the myriad security concerns accompanying these mobile devices with a small—or non-existent—IT staff and limited budget. Greater mobility means correspondingly higher risks for data theft and leakage, especially if the device is lost or stolen. A compromised device can also act as a backdoor to the corporate network."

Microsoft To Announce Mobile Device Management Improvements This Month

Redmond Magazine, , Kurt Mackie 

MDM Industry Becoming New Standard for IT

Smart Data Collective, 

"Most companies that have a BYOD policy in place need an MDM solution to keep threats of security attacks such as keyloggers, phishers, Trojans and malicious apps at bay. MDM also helps establish protocols regarding personal devices in the workplace. These include guidelines for acceptable use, how to avoid dangerous activities and understanding dangerous applications." 

BYOD Costs Can Be Hidden

Midsize Insider, @MidsizeInsider, Shawn Drew 


Are MSPs Effectively Tackling BDR Issues?

When to Collect Emergency Contact Info from BDR Customers

MSPmentor, , CJ Arlotta, 

"Instead of waiting for a disaster to strike, ask data and backup disaster recovery (BDR) customers from the start for any essential information needed at the time of an emergency -- always be prepared."


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