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Continuum's Must-Read Blog Post This Week

Profitability KPIs You Should be Tracking


In today’s increasingly-digital business landscape, everything is measurable. Whether it’s the ROI of a given marketing initiative, the effectiveness of an entire sales department, or an average cost of new customer acquisition, one thing is clear: businesses with a strong analytics program in place have a significant advantage over those that don’t.  Read more »


eBay hit with massive security breach, asks all users to change passwords

The Verge, @verge, Russell Brandom, @russellbrandom

"The breach compromised a database containing a list of encrypted passwords that, once released in the wild, could potentially be decrypted through publicly available tools."

Ransomware Today

HackSurfer, , Gwen Harkness,   

Ancient 'STONED' Virus Signatures found in Bitcoin Blockchain

The Hacker News, @TheHackersNews, Wang Wei


Industry Power Players

Cisco continues its push towards SaaS-based security services

ComputerWeekly, @ComputerWeekly, Caroline Baldwin

“The traditional approach to security was from product perspective,” he said. “But security is far more than products and technologies, it requires the right set of people, analytics and capabilities.”

Google buys enterprise BYOD startup Divide

ZDNet, @ZDNet, Rachel King, @rachelking 

Who Might Buy Rackspace? It's a Big List

Bloomberg Businessweek, @BW, Nick Summers, @nicksummers 

Windows XP's U.S. farewell tour to last most of '14

Computerworld, @Computerworld, Gregg Keizer, @gkeizer 

Key Studies & Findings:

Spiceworks: MSP's Price, Reputation Are Key Factors for IT Executives

MSPmentor, @mspmentor, Dan Kobialka, @dkobialka 

Forrester: 'Shadow IT' Cannot Be Ignored

Talkin' Cloud, @talkin_cloud, Dan Kobialka, @dkobialka 

"Forrester noted 43 percent of respondents said they believed shadow IT practices were major threats to their respective organizations. In addition, 46 percent of respondents said they believed SaaS providers make unrealistic or overstated claims."

SunGard identifies managed services adoption trends

Automated Trader, @automatedtrader, 

A Number's Game:

10 Technologies That Are Revolutionizing Healthcare IT [Slideshare]

Vala Afshar,   

21 Content Curation Tools

WebMarketingToday, @WebMarketToday, Kunle Campbell, @KunleTCampbell 

5 Levels of Mobile Security

Before It's News, @beforeitsnews

"Each business should assess their own response and preparation for mobile security while also considering the level of security required for their specific needs. Some organizations like healthcare and financial require a higher level of security due to the sensitivity of information exchanged and the regulatory compliance requirements."

In the workplace:

Change your company culture and get onto the cloud

InfoWorld, @infoworld, David Linthicum, @DavidLinthicum 

"Today, cloud computing has real momentum. Projects are beginning to ramp up, despite opposition around the use of public cloud resources. However, if a business pushes cloud computing onto an IT culture that simply won't have it, the project becomes so difficult that it is likely to fail."

Protect Your Bottom Line by Making Sure Your Business is Compliant

PCWorld, @pcworld, Charles Ripley

‘Rogue employees’ are the biggest threat to information security

Business Technology, @BizTechReport, Natasha Clark

"Employees don’t always have to be malicious to cause a security threat – many are unaware of the risks associated with their actions, and inadequate staff training could further increase this risk."

Message to IT: Lead the Charge in Creating the Workplace of the Future

TEC Communications, @TEC_Comm, Carl Wiese, @carl_wiese  

Building An Information Security Policy, Part 5: Managing Identities

Network Computing, @NetworkComputin, Natalie Timms, @angel_face444 

Disaster Communication for Small Business

Windows IT Pro, @WindowsITPro


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