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Continuum's Must-Read Blog Post This Week

If Your Technicians Aren’t Project Managers, You’re Doing It Wrong!


For managed IT services providers, it’s critical to provide a high level of service to your clients, which sometimes means helping them with basic upgrades, migrations and simple technical tasks (hey, not everyone knows how to connect to a new printer). At the same time, it’s incredibly impractical to tie up valuable technical expertise on the monotony of daily maintenance items. If you’ve noticed that your techs seem stuck in the weeds far more often than they’re blazing new trails, it’s time to start transforming your techs into project managers. Read more » 

IT Security

A cunning way to deliver malware

Malwarebytes Blog, @Malwarebytes, Jérôme Segura, @jeromesegura

"But here’s the catch with this one: while the page is saying our system could be at risk we are silently being infected with a drive-by download!" 

Security Think Tank: Resilience is about understanding the real threat

ComputerWeekly, @ComputerWeekly, Mike Gillespie

"Too many organisations focus on dealing with the event that is here and now, without investing time, attention and resources into looking to the horizon and planning ahead."

Google to go after all bugs

IT World Canada, @itworldca, Howard Solomon

"Zero-day exploits are the bane of IT security professionals. Google says it will fight them with Project Zero [...] Every bug will be reported in a publicly-available database once a patch is available. That way, Google says, people will be able to see vendor time-to-fix performance, discussions of exploitability and view historical exploits and crash traces." 



Cloud computing here to stay; it's time companies extracted full benefit from it

The Economic Times, @ET_Marketing, Shane Owenby

"Enterprises need to seek new ways of using technology to drive business growth. An increasing number of chief information officers (CIO) are moving away from the traditional tasks of keeping the lights on for onpremises data centres or negotiating long-term contracts. Instead, they are now embracing cloud computing and challenging their IT teams to think differently." 

SMBs Tie Cloud Computing To Increased Revenue

InformationWeek, @InformationWeek, Charles Babcock, @babcockcw

"Research by Oxford Economics and Windstream Communications has found that many small and midsized businesses have a strong appetite for cloud computing and tie it to increased revenues, even though they often don't have large IT departments to support them getting into the cloud."


What to Look For from an MDM Solution

BizTech, @BizTechMagazine, Tom Temin, @tteminWFED

"As an application, MDM gives IT admins a dashboard through which they can view the status of devices. More than simply monitoring devices, MDM lets the IT staff remotely disable or even wipe a device that is reported lost or stolen. The same functionality lets IT staff reset or otherwise fix devices without having to physically handle them."

Infographic: With BYOD, Mobile Is The New Desktop

Information Week DarkReading, @DarkReading, Adam Ely, @adamely

"The convergence of mobile and cloud has increased employee productivity and increased the risk of data loss for enterprises. Because both technologies are data-centric and expose corporate data outside of the enterprise, we have to be aware of how we’re managing our resources and protecting our assets."


MSP Best Practices

Why It Makes Sense for MSPs to Join a Peer Group

Channel Partners, @Channel_Online, Raymond Vrabel, @rayvrabel

"The most valuable aspect of a peer group is the feedback — both giving and receiving it. Unlike in business where you have deadlines for which you are held accountable by your clients, peer groups give you the opportunity to provide self-imposed deadlines, to which you and other group members can all hold each other accountable. For instance, when you have your weekly check-in, everyone is expected to report on his or her progress from the goals set out the previous week. Everyone holds each other accountable for action items to be completed." 

Avoid a Tech Catastrophe and Step Away From the Button

CIO, @CIOonline

"Admit it: We can't keep our hands off tech and gizmos, even when we know better. We give in to the irresistible urge to see what happens if a button is pushed or innocently believe it couldn't hurt anything. Then chaos breaks loose and IT spends hours repairing the damage. Oops." 


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