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The Risk & Opportunity Presented by HIPAA For MSPs


You’ve probably already heard and read a lot about the opportunity that exists for IT services in the healthcare vertical, and it’s a topic that won’t be going away for a while because it is still BIG, BIG, BIG. If you don’t have any clients in the healthcare vertical – or don’t have any clients who, themselves, work with healthcare organizations – you can go back to sleep. I’m talking about 700,000 hospitals, Emergency Medical Clinics, Dental Offices, Nursing Homes, Psychiatric Care Facilities, Diagnostic Labs, Corrections Facilities and Pharmaceutical Companies. These are the so-called “Covered Entities” that must comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Additionally, I'm talking about another 2+ million companies known in the law as “Business Associates” that are ALSO covered by HIPAA – that would be the lawyers, accountants, billing services and, yes, IT Service Providers! Read more » 

HIPAA/Healthcare IT

7 HIPAA Myths Debunked

Health IT Outcomes, @HITOutcomes, Christine Kern, @chriskern67

"Myth 6: Risk analyses only need to be completed once. HIPAA requires continuous security risk analyses, including reviewing, correcting and modifying safeguarding practices. Formal analyses should be completed at least once a year at a minimum."

Compliance Is the Common Thread of IT Security [#Infographic]

 BizTech Magazine, @BizTechMagazine, Ricky Ribeiro, @ricktagious

"Data protection is a universal need, no matter which regulatory requirements an organization faces."

Best practices: breach response

Healthcare IT News, @HITNewsTweet, Erin McCann

"Next, an organization should employ a centrally managed platform used to detect and prevent unauthorized use and transmission of data. Then it's a matter of performing a rolling risk assessment, with continual security improvements."

State of IT

5 reasons Internet crime is worse than ever

InfoWorld, @InfoWorld, Roger Grimes, @rogeragrimes

"Today we have literally hundreds of millions of malware programs, thousands of professional hacking organizations, and tens of thousands bit players who steal hundreds of millions (if not billions) of dollars via the Internet every year. Though we have smarter online users, better detection tools, and a host of legal tools at our disposal, Internet crime is worse than ever. It's been a long time since I've run into someone who hasn't had his or her life impacted by Internet crime."

Majority of organisations suffered IT security attack in the last year

Acumin, @Acumin

"A new report published by IT security vendor Forescout, entitled 'The state of IT cyber defence maturity', has examined the increasing need for organisations to prioritise cyber defence – and discovered that most companies suffered an attack within the last 12 months. Around 96 per cent of organisations reported facing major IT security concerns since last summer. In spite of this, a mere 33 per cent believe that their employers would take action to improve their security."


What's New in IT?

Mercifully toothless Windows 8.1 Update 2 due next week

InfoWorld, @InfoWorld, Woody Leonhard, @woodyleonhard

"Everything is on course for an August Black Tuesday release of the Windows 8.1 patch formerly known as Windows 8.1 Update 2, and now apparently code named "August Update," according to unnamed sources cited byZDNet's Mary Jo Foley [...] Reading between the lines, it sounds to me like the much-feared and long-anticipated Update 2 is going to arrive as a bunch of plain-vanilla patches, replete with KB numbers, sent down the automatic update chute, so you can pick and choose which ones you want." 

Android Fake ID flaw increases BYOD risks

FierceMobileIT, @FierceMobileIT, Fred Donovan, @FierceFred1

"The Android Fake ID flaw could open up enterprises that allow BYOD to malware that impersonates trusted apps, steals confidential information and fools mobile device management software." 

IT Best Practices

How to Minimize Enterprise File Sharing Risks

eSecurity Planet, @eSecurityP,  Aaron Weiss

"With consumer services like Dropbox, Box, Microsoft SkyDrive and Google Drive being increasingly used by business workers, enterprise IT has to contend with loss of control over potentially sensitive data. When users share a file using third-party services, that file has essentially been carried right over the corporate firewall; whether the user has properly secured the file when sharing it externally is now outside the company’s control."

Implementing an Intelligence-Driven Security Strategy: 10 Data Points - Slideshow!

eWeek News, @eWEEKNews, Chris Preimesberger


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