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It's that time again. Here is your weekly serving of the hottest stories in the MSP biz! Wondering how cloud computing affects your bottom line? Want the latest on the IT services market, but don't know where to start? If any of these articles ring true for you this week, drop a line in the comments section below! Without further ado, may we present your MSP weekly digest...

Continuum's Must-Read Blog Post This Week

How to Reach $100M in Revenue as an MSP, Featuring Paul Chisholm: MSPtv Episode 27


In this week's episode of MSPtv, we sit down with Paul Chisholm, the former CEO of MindSHIFT and keynote speaker at Navigate 2014, as he gives us an extensive outline of a successful managed IT services provider. As Harvard Business Review's 26th Best-Performing CEO in the World, Paul provides important insight on the past, present, and future of the MSP business model. We're excited to feature this industry luminary, who previously grew his company from $5M to $100M in revenue. Tune in to understand other MSP best practices, like KPI trends you should be tracking and how best to adapt to your customers' needs. Read more » 

Market Reports

Telecom Managed Services Market 2013-2018

WhaTech, @WhaTechAU

"This trend, to outsource infrastructure as well as certain operational support to third party managed communications providers, is reaching a next stage in evolution.  Historically, telecom operators have looked to service bureau providers for intermediation services, database services, and various OSS/BSS support. The more recent trend has been to outsource infrastructure as a service as a means of reducing Capital Expenditure (CapEx[.])"

Cloud Computing Market To Reach US$ 121.1 Billion By 2015 - New Report By MarketsandMarkets

HostReview, @hostreview

Global Managed Services Market 2014-2018

MarketWatch, @MarketWatch

"With the increase in globalization and complexity of the global business landscape, companies are turning toward smarter and easily achievable solutions to address their business needs. From cost-cutting to focusing on core competencies, all of these objectives can be achieved through the adoption of managed services. The increase in the complexity of the issues related to data handling, data protection, information security management, setting up communication networks, and getting mobile services has fuelled the growth of this industry beyond expectations." 

IT Security

Hackers to target managed IT services suppliers

MicroScope, @Channelnews, Stuart Poole-Robb

"Many companies mistakenly believe that, if their own organisation does not have any information on its database which is very obviously a state secret that they will be of no interest to the hacker. But cyber espionage has been increasingly subtle over the last few years and foreign powers now prefer to use third or even fourth parties such as managed IT services providers as technological or state secrets."

BYOD, Malware Among Top Issues Affecting IT Security

eWeek, @eWEEKNews, Nathan Eddy

"The United States, the United Kingdom and the German-speaking countries in Europe are experiencing an alarming number of security breaches and exhibit a diverse range of exposures, according to an IDG survey of 1,600 senior IT security and technology purchase decision-makers. The health care and financial sectors seem to be particularly susceptible to many security worries[.]"

5 Things You (or Your Customers) Can Buy for the Cost of Malware

MSPmentor, @mspmentor, Dan Kobialka

"Chicago-based managed service provider (MSP) Trustwave this week released an infographic that shows malware can cost as little as $200 on the black market."


MSP Best Practices

Managed Services — the way to go

YourWestValley, @YourWVnews, Les Blodgett

"Managed Services gives users a proactive maintenance plan that eliminates downtime by fixing problems before they become a crisis. Some service providers estimate that this system will yield more than 50 percent in technology savings for their clients."

Manage Costs with Managed IT Services

The Intelligencer, @TheIntellNews, Stewart Paul

"A key topic on the minds of many business owners and managers is whether to out source their IT support needs or hire someone to handle them internally. According to Barchi Gillai and Tao Yu’s research, B2B Managed Services: Business Value and Adoption Trends, there is increased demand for managed services as businesses look to enhance their B2B operations[.]"

The Imaging Channel Speakeasy

The Imaging Channel, @ImagingChannel, Patricia Ames

"One of the most intimidating factors for a BTA sales channel professional is that they know a copier cold, but they probably don’t know much about Windows 8. Going into a client and speaking intelligently about software is going to be a challenge. Our simple answer for them is that they are not going to have to. Their customer, the business owner, doesn’t know anything about Windows 8 either. The language of a successful provider in this industry is not a technology discussion. It is a business discussion." 

How can managed IT services satisfy Web development needs?

The Outsource Blog, Rahul Jain


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